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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Actress Shobhana disapproves ‘Kiss Of Love’ campaign

Actress Shobhana indicated her disapproval of the "Kiss Of Love" campaign against moral policing, saying kissing is a personal matter.

By: Press Trust of India | Bengaluru | Published: December 9, 2014 9:21:52 am
Shobhana indicates her disapproval of the "Kiss Of Love" campaign against moral policing. Shobhana indicates her disapproval of the “Kiss Of Love” campaign against moral policing.

Actress Shobhana today indicated her disapproval of the “Kiss Of Love” campaign against moral policing, saying kissing is a personal matter.

“I don’t know why they are doing it? It is a very personal matter and a personal issue. Now, you might say that it’s okay but in hearts of hearts you will not want your daughter to do this (kissing somebody publicly),” she told PTI.

“Kiss Of Love” protest generated controversy in Kerala, the home state of the actress, and Karnataka where the police did not allow it to take place recently. The protest was marred by sporadic violence in parts of Kerala’s Kozhikode district creating a tense situation.

Shobhana is in the city to announce her latest production ‘Samadhina’ (Trance) scheduled to be showcased on December 20 here. ‘Samadhina’ is a quest to present Bharatanatyam in an eclectic and spiritual form.

Shobhana rued there is a fear among people to speak the truth on isues like “Kiss Of Love” because of the fear of distortion of their statements.

“Nobody is actually saying what they really want to. And, if somebody says something, then someone else distorts the statements and hence there is fear among people to say the truth,” she said.

On the release of Rajinikanth-starrer ‘Lingaa’ and his birthday bash, Shobhana said,” I hope he lives another 70 years. I hope he does another 1000 films. What else to say about that great man. He is a great artist,” she said.

Asked where would she place Rajinikanth in comparison to MGR, Sivaji Ganeshan and Kamala Hasan, Shobhana said it would not be fair to compare him with M G Ramachandran.

“Why do you take one artist – one great artist, and put him with other great artists. You shouldn’t do that. You cannot relate a doyen with MGR – they are their own masters. You can’t really say he (Rajni) is like somebody. It is not fair to him. That’s what I think,” she said.

Expressing her views on the use of children in popular television shows for TRPs, Shobhana said it is not wrong when you allow children to get exposure, provided the competition is at equal level.

“It is not wrong because you want your child to go through that experience of getting confidence; getting trained and sundry other things. But then, after a point if it affects the child’s psychologically then I don’t think it is really fair. The competition should on equal platform. I can’t just digest a nine year old finalist competing with 20 years old,” she said.

Asked whether she is working in a new a film, Shobhana said offers are coming her way but she is unable to oblige as she is busy with her shows. “There are people who want me to do stuff but I have no time, unfortunately. I am doing whole bunch – having my shows which get booked up to six months before and I cannot suddenly cancel, unless it is an emergency,” she said.

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