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Sunday, February 28, 2021

3D is medium of the future,feels Bollywood

Vikram Bhatt's soon to be released 'Haunted' and the Akshay Kumar - Sonakshi starrer 'Joker' will be in 3D.

Written by Agencies | Mumbai |
February 9, 2011 11:48:16 am

With several Hollywood biggies undergoing full 3D conversion in India,the country is being considered as a hub for the conversion from 2D (normal/reeling) shooting to 3D and is on the international radar for the same.

Even though Bollywood too is seriously thinking about 3D projects for their releases in the coming future,no conversions have been done as yet.

Vikram Bhatt’s soon to be released ‘Haunted’ will be India’s first stereoscopic 3D film while Shirish Kunder has announced that his Akshay Kumar-Sonakshi Sinha starrer ‘Joker’ will be in 3D.

Shirish said that 3D is the medium of the future. “The next big transformation after black and white to colour. 3D gives viewers the experience that they are actually in the space where the film is taking place and it also gives filmmakers an opportunity to curb piracy,” he felt.

Vikram said a 3D film would be 40 per cent more than the normal budget of a film.

After James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’,Prime Focus completed the full 3D conversion of the recently released ‘Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ with the help of their proprietary software View D. The film is the industry’s biggest full 3D conversion film to date.

In addition,Prime Focus has also completed the work for Clash of the Titans,Cats & Dogs and My Soul to Take for 3D conversion.

Today,a viewer needs a perfect balance in the technology

and the storyline rather than pure entertainment. 3D is considered to add a lot of realness to the whole storyline and make the entire effort look extremely real,says Merzin Tavaria,co-founder and Chief Creative Director,Prime Focus.

Tavaria said a film can be shot on 3D using stereoscopic cameras but it is expensive and time consuming. “When a director shoots in 3D,his focus is forced to shift from the creative part of the film to the technical side of it. In 3D,each shot needs to be checked for its 3D depth and decisions are being taken for every shot for proper line up of camera lens. This is time consuming and takes the spontaneity out of it,” he added.

On the other hand,3D conversion gives the filmmaker luxury and tools to sit in the comfort of the studio and make decisions watching the whole film. “Here,a filmmaker is able to interactively work on the sequences and take decisions while watching shots in the edit room. He is able to take creative approach rather than technical one and see each of his shots blend into the previous and next ones seamlessly,” he added.

However,Vikram Bhatt does not agree and believes conversion is a con and not real 3D. “Real 3D is one of infinite depth,” he added.

“3D is now a much stable platform than before. The idea came to us in our effort to do something new and innovative all the time. He admitted that shooting in 3D is more expensive than conversion,” he added.

Shirish Kunder,whose Joker will go on floors from February 14 says he will do a mix of conversion and 3D shooting.

“There are no experienced stereograhers in the country. Hence,the shooting is time consuming and there is no room for errors. In case of film with big stars,2D to 3D conversion is the best option as they will not waste their time on the sets,” he said adding that a Tom Cruise film will not be 2D to 3D conversion.

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