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When Twinkle Khanna said Aamir Khan ‘almost slapped’ her: ‘I was thinking about Akshay Kumar, not focussing on work’

Twinkle Khanna had once recalled how competitive Aamir Khan was with her about his show, Satyameva Jayate.

Aamir KhanAamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna from their film Mela

It’s a popular fact in Bollywood lore that Akshay Kumar’s eventual marriage to Twinkle Khanna in 2001 depended on the success or failure of her film Mela, with Aamir Khan. Twinkle had told Akshay that if Mela bombed, she would marry him. Mela turned out to be a disaster, but this became Akshay’s silver lining as the two later tied the knot. During the launch of her book Mrs Funnybones in 2015, Aamir said that while he had no idea about this condition, he was glad that he ‘contributed’ to Twinkle’s marriage.

At the launch, Karan Johar, asked Aamir whether he ever thought Twinkle to be a good actress. Twinkle cut in, “Once he asked me, when I was not focussing on work, I said I was thinking about Akshay. He almost slapped me.” Aamir expressed surprise and said, “Did I? I would not have reacted that way.” While KJo pressed on, Aamir called her a ‘fantastic’ actress.

Twinkle laughed and said, “No, really I couldn’t act, and I’m glad I quit.” Aamir praised her qualities and said that she had the ability to come up up with the sharpest insults. “I’ve had a great experience of working with her…” By this time Twinkle interrupted and said, “This is very boring,” and brought up the time she found him ‘crying behind a rock’. She went on to explain, “He was sitting behind a rock. He had gone to the director to explain a shot and the director didn’t listen to him.  This is Aamir, he is very serious about his work. He was heartbroken. I saw him behind a rock, and was crying.”

During the course of the conversation, Twinkle also recalled how Aamir used to discouraged her writing. “When I started writing, I would send him links of my columns. He would tell me this is rubbish and send me links of Satyameva Jayate everyday. So one day, I sent him my column and told him it is doing really well and trending at 7, he said ‘My show is trending at number 1’. I said you’re a big-time movie star with a prime-time television show, I’m a has-been actor with a column! But he still competes with me. He competes with everybody.” Aamir tried to defend himself later saying that he was genuinely concerned that Twinkle would not make it as a writer. He apparently told her, “Everyone watches cricket but not everyone can play.” However later, Aamir said that he changed his opinion, and appreciated Twinkle’s writing fully and had only praise for her.

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First published on: 08-08-2022 at 04:11:44 pm
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