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Monday, July 23, 2018

Vikram Bhatt to daughter Krishna on her filmmaking debut: You are a product of nepotism but it will not get you success

Vikram Bhatt's daughter Krishna Bhatt is all set to make her filmmaking debut with upcoming web-series Untouchables. Before her work comes in front of the world, the director, who is known for his bold films, wrote a long emotional letter encouraging his daughter.

Written by A. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: October 10, 2017 4:27:15 pm
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It is a moment of pride for any father when he looks at his daughter taking the first steps towards her dream. Vikram Bhatt felt the same when his daughter completed her directorial debut. He penned an emotional letter for Krishna Bhatt talking about the positives and negatives of being a director in the Indian film industry and how nepotism is fair but not as people think of it.

In the letter, Vikram tells Krishna that she should not bow down to people’s expectation and just concentrate on her work. He wrote, “Don’t listen to people who say you have a responsibility to do this or that. You are responsible for good fun entertainment. You may regale some and offend others at times. That is the business. You will never be able to please everyone in any case. There will be some people who will never like your work. Don’t work hard to win them over for you will find that a pointless exercise.”

Then he talks about nepotism in quite an impressive way. The director wants Krishna to accept that she is a product of nepotism but also know that the benefit does not guarantee success. “There will be some who will call you a product of nepotism and run you down. Don’t try to pretend that you are not. You are the product of nepotism and that is fine. I have worked all my life so that you have it easier than me. Nothing is fair. But nepotism will only give an opportunity and not success. Success depends on talent and not opportunity,” he wrote.

Read his entire letter here:

As he ends the letter, Vikram talks about not falling prey to the word – success or limelight, as nothing lasts forever. He adds, “Lastly my love, don’t get caught up in this hall of fame business. Everything fades with time. However successful you are today, there will be a time when you will be forgotten. So live life to the fullest. Don’t go through life struggling and dealing with heartache just to be remembered. Forever is today. Immortality through your work will happen if it has to. Don’t try to seduce immortality, she is a tricky customer.”


Krishna Bhatt is making her debut with web-series Untouchables.

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