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Monday, July 16, 2018

Vijay Krishna Acharya: ‘Dhoom 3’ is my most personal film

Vijay Krishna Acharya on 'Dhoom 3': I am so happy to see the acclaim and collections pouring in.

Mumbai | Published: January 11, 2014 12:20:40 pm
Vijay Krishna Acharya:  I'd like to believe that we've re-invented the 'Dhoom' world with this film. Vijay Krishna Acharya: I’d like to believe that we’ve re-invented the ‘Dhoom’ world with this film.

Its official, ‘Dhoom 3’  is nearing what no Hindi movie has ever been able to achieve. It has broken all previous BO records. The debate now is – Are we making movies to break records? Well, that’s the present scenario. In a frank chat with the director of ‘Dhoom 3’ – Vijay Krishna Acharya a.k.a. Victor, we dig out the past and the future too.

 Is there enough space in your locker for all the money to fit in?

(Laughs) Well, I hope. Each film is different. ‘Tashan’ was born out of something else. I enjoyed writing ‘Tashan’ very much. But I was telling someone a few days ago that ‘Dhoom 3’ is my most personal film and I am so happy to see the acclaim and collections pouring in. Let me tell you, there is no magical change in my life right now (laughs).

Finally, you’ve got that fraternity acceptance. Do you feel that way?

My life has been a series of slightly happy accidents. I strive to do things than drive me. I don’t know whether the fraternity has now accepted me but I’m sure the audiences have. I only know a few people who I call friends and a few who’ve given me the respect, like Yash Chopra, Aditya Chopra, Aamir Khan and Mani Ratnam. I have a great working vibe with them. I don’t know whether I’ll make a film every year now. It’s up to the fraternity.

Tell me about a few scenes you enjoyed writing the most.

For me, the flashback moment in the film and the screenplay was very crucial. The portions with Jackie Shroff and the kid. I wanted the first ten minutes of the movie to be as far as possible from the ‘Dhoom’ feel because it had to root the film. I find the flashback very innocent and simple. We were really excited at the intermission point. The transformation of Aamir Khan from Samar to Sahir in the pre-climax was very pivotal as far as the screenplay was concerned. These were a few scenes I enjoyed writing.

 Talk a bit about the young kid in the movie. Must be difficult to find such talents.

The young kid in the movie is Siddharth Nigam and I have to thank my casting director Shanoo Sharma for this. The boy is from Allahabad and had done a Bournvita advert and I had seen him do Gymnastics. At that time when Shanoo showed his pictures and the advert, I was already in look out for various talented boys. Two days later Siddharth was sitting with me in my office. I truly enjoy working with kids because they teach me something and it allows me to get in touch with few things that are a bit personal to me. He is a national level gymnast too. After meeting him I was quite clear that this kid would nail the part. I just wanted him to do his workshop well and he delivered. He was with me for three months. Let’s just say that he was God sent. Aamir Khan and Siddharth Nigam bring an emotional connect to the film that I needed.

Is ‘Dhoom 4’ a possibility?

This is a question that everyone was asking even before the film was released. ‘Dhoom’ as a franchise has received a certain kind of love from the audience over the years. I’d like to believe that we’ve re-invented the ‘Dhoom’ world with this film. I think it’ll be nice to do a ‘Dhoom 4’ for sure but I don’t know how quickly we can do it because topping ‘Dhoom 3’ would be quite a task.

How about a female villain in ‘Dhoom 4’?

‘Dhoom’ was always about the villains. But what a good thought you’ve put in my head. We would love to see a female antagonist and how organically it gets woven in the film. We did a bit of it with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s character in ‘Dhoom 2’.

 Katrina’s role was more of a cameo than a full-fledged role. Why use the best we have and give her limited scope to perform?

You’re right! A few people have been very happy with the role Katrina plays in ‘Dhoom 3’ and a few were disappointed. A little bit more could’ve been a bit unjustified and while writing I didn’t find more scenes to go with her. I rather felt that it is better to have a certain thirst for more and that speaks well for Katrina.

What’s the process like when you work with Aamir Khan?

The process with Aamir Khan, in my limited experience has been pretty much unmatched because there’s not a word we’ve changed from the script that was narrated to him. There was a two hour forty-five minute narration. He said immediately – “I am doing the film but I need one year to make my body”. He takes his work seriously but he’s also fun to work with. I take a complete draft out and narrate to the actors. Be it ‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘Dhoom 4’. Actually, only my Mac had the screenplay.

Be honest, will Abhishek and Uday’s characters ever age?

(Laughs) We might have to figure that out in ‘Dhoom 4’ but you never know, they might also get younger.

You think ‘Dhoom 4’ has a possibility to be set in a futuristic world?

I haven’t thought about that but who knows ‘Dhoom 4’ might be set in the futuristic world like the many Western contemporaries. Personally speaking, there is certain simplicity to ‘Dhoom’ that should be retained. May be with time if we get the right script / story we might go into a far away world.

Bhaiyaji played by Anil Kapoor has to be the best character you’ve written. How much do you love your characters?

Thank you so much! The best thing about what I write is ‘characters’. I love etching them out, playing with them. Whether it was with earlier ‘Dhoom’ or ‘Tashan’, the audience must have certain empathy, fear and awe towards them. I find it hard to say ‘black or white’. Bhaiyaji portrayed by Anil Kapoor was the most enjoyable character in ‘Tashan’ but I also wanted my audience to fear him. If I am managing to do that to my characters, I am happy. Samar by Aamir too got a bit grey at a point in ‘Dhoom 3’. Even Jai by Abhishek turns a bit grey.


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