Preeti Gupta’s nude photos go viral, calls it ‘bizarre and violation of privacy’

Preeti Gupta’s nude photos go viral, calls it ‘bizarre and violation of privacy’

Unfreedom actress Preeti Gupta's nude pictures have gone viral and reacting to it, the actress said it is 'violation of privacy'.

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Preeti Gupta’s nude pictures have gone viral. (Source: Twitter)

Months after Bollywood actress Radhika Apte’s nude photos leaked online, another actress Preeti Gupta’s nude photos have gone viral.

On Sunday (June 28), social media was abuzz with reports of Preeti Gupta’s images which she had shot for her movie ‘Unfreedom.’ Preeti, who was seen in hit TV serial Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii’, is making her debut in movies with ‘Unfreedom’, which has already been banned in India owing to its sexual content.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Preeti Gupta termed the entire episode as ‘bizarre’ and said she was actually angry about it.

“It’s true that the actors are vulnerable, and I am actually very angry about it. It’s bizarre and a violation of privacy. It’s not cool, and if there is anything to be banned, it’s such kind of things,” she told HT.


‘Unfreedom’, directed by Raj Amit Kumar, was released in North America in May 2015. For its India release, Censor Board’s revising committee had proposed a few cuts to director Raj Amit Kumar but he refused and appealed against the Censor Board’s demand for cuts to the Indian Government’s Information and Broadcasting Appellate Tribunal FCAT. But in response to this, the film was then completely banned in the country.

Reacting to the ban on ‘Unfreedom’, Preeti Gupta said: “I find the ban very ridiculous, why should anything be banned? Don’t you trust the audience’s intelligence? One needs to watch the film to get the message, no? See, we are all adults and we should be given the choice to judge the content of a film. Homosexuality is very natural, what’s so different about it?”

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A still from Unfreedom

‘Unfreedom’  juxtaposes two powerful and unflinching contemporary stories about religious fundamentalism and intolerance.


Shifting between New York and New Delhi, one tale follows a Muslim terrorist who kidnaps a liberal Muslim scholar in order to silence him, while the other charts the travails of a young woman whose devout father tries to force her into an arranged marriage, which she resists because she is secretly in love with another woman.

The four characters come face to face with gruesome acts of violence in battles of identity, sexuality, religion, love, and family. (With PTI inputs)