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Twinkle Khanna writes about ‘sons of famous fathers’, says getting bail seems to take longer than graduating high school

Twinkle Khanna wrote that she's being cautious while sending WhatsApp texts nowadays because she's worried any word she writes might get misinterpreted if ever her phone gets seized.

aryan khan case twinkle khanna columnTwinkle Khanna had earlier compared Aryan Khan's arrest to as episode of Netflix show Squid Game. (Photos: Instagram/Twinkle Khanna and Gauri Khan)

Twinkle Khanna has written a blog on the “sons of famous fathers” for being in the news. The Bollywood star, however, did not use any name or direct reference. She rather used words like “blast” and “Wankhede stadium” to point out at the latest Aryan Khan drug case, for which the son of Shah Rukh Khan was granted bail last week, after spending nearly a month in jail.

In her blog, Mrs Funnybones aka Twinkle Khanna wrote on how she’s being cautious while sending WhatsApp texts nowadays because she’s worried any word she writes might get interpreted in a way she never meant, if ever her phone gets seized.

Twinkle first said how she’s shocked seeing star kids making news for wrong reasons. Instead of Aryan Khan, Twinkle instead picks Superman Clark Kent’s son, the new superhero who’s bisexual as shown in an upcoming comic.

“A pot of black coffee and scrolling through my feed makes me realise that baap re baap, so many sons of famous fathers are in the news. Even good old Superman’s. Jon Kent, Clark Kent’s son and the new Superman, has come out of the closet and he is baring more than just his bright red underwear. His new love interest is Jay Nakamura, and they seal the deal with a sizzling kiss. There has been the anticipated outrage. But to all the naysayers I would like to ask, ‘Is there a greater superpower than letting generations of avid fans see themselves represented in their beloved comic books?,” Twinkle wrote.

In her impeccable style, Twinkle also shared how her friend advised her to to start a CBD (cannabis) oil shop. It was in the news when Rhea Chakraborty was being targeted during the Sushant Singh Rajput death case.

“Hunching over a laptop can be a real pain in the neck and when I complain to my best friend all the way in Miami, she says, ‘Have you tried applying cannabis oil on it before bedtime? It really helps! In fact, do you know that Martha Stewart has a line of CBD products! Even Justin Bieber is launching pre-rolled joints called ‘Peaches’ and Seth Rogan has a weed distributing business. I have an idea, why don’t you give up all this candle making business and we can start our own cannabis-based product line?”

The sly wit of the author and wife of actor Akshay Kumar doesn’t end there. She rejects her friend’s advice by stating that “applying for bail these days seems to take longer than graduating from high school.”

“Stop! Don’t even say it as a joke! In fact, just to be on the safe side, I am going to the extent of refraining from using words like blast, high, diet coke or, for that matter, even ‘Wankhede’ stadium because you never know what meaning they may derive when they seize my phone and go through my WhatsApp chats. And as you must have seen, applying for bail these days seems to take longer than graduating from high school. So sadly, I do not wish to discuss your offer of this particular joint venture.’ I quickly clarify as ‘they’ could be listening. And just so we are clear, this ‘they’ is plural and not a preferred pronoun,” she wrote.


Twinkle Khanna had earlier compared Aryan Khan’s arrest to as episode of Netflix show Squid Game. In an Instagram post, she shared a portion of her blog post titled, ‘Let the desi Squid Games begin.’ Citing the example from one of the episodes of the popular South Korean drama, she wrote, “player is given ten marbles and must get their opponent’s marbles by competing in any game of their choosing. In this episode, one of the strongest candidates is badgered and ultimately bamboozled into losing his marbles. I seem to have misplaced mine as well when I read the news about Shah Rukh Khan’s son’s arrest.”

Twinkle Khanna also shared that she found it unfair that Aryan was jailed without any evidence against him.

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Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was logged in the Arthur Road jail, Mumbai after being arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau in a case of alleged seizure of drugs from a cruise ship.

First published on: 01-11-2021 at 12:58:32 pm
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