Tusshar Kapoor: Parenthood nourishes my soul

On the occasion of International Mother's Day, Tusshar Kapoor, who is a single parent to baby boy Laksshya Kapoor, talks to indianexpress.com about life after embracing parenthood and work.

Written by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Published: May 13, 2018 7:10:12 pm
Tusshar Kapoor son Laksshya Kapoor Tusshar Kapoor shared that it was his father Jeetendra’s long-time desire to become a grandfather and they are obsessed with Laksshya.

Tusshar Kapoor made headlines when the actor announced that he became a single parent through surrogacy in June 2017. He became father to baby boy Laksshya Kapoor. On the occasion of International Mother’s Day, Tusshar talks to indianexpress.com about life after embracing parenthood and work.

Q. What went into your decision to have a baby? Why did you decide to become a single parent?

I was thinking about it for some time before I finally had the baby because I was running out of time. I am not married yet. I may or may not in the future. I felt time was running out fast and I couldn’t wait to have a family, have a child. That’s something I won’t be able to do as I grow older. I can always get married. That’s why I decided to become a single parent. A chance meeting with Mr Prakash Jha on my way to Tirupati changed things. He guided and helped me with the whole process. He told me how this is something many people have done and it is not something new. Meeting him really opened the doors for me.

Q. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a family by getting married? Someone with your stature and stardom would choose to do it, but you did not.

I really didn’t plan it. I think I have always lived a life of integrity. I don’t believe in doing things for the sake of the society and societal pressures. People feel that just because I live with my parents and just because I am not living alone, I would do exactly what my family would say. I didn’t want to succumb to a traditional point of view to life. I knew then that I wanted a child in my life. I wanted to be a parent. I wanted to nurture. I act as my heart says and as per my own gut feeling.

Of course, my parents could have found somebody for me but I wanted to do something that would make me satisfied and feel complete. And since I was not married, it was time to have a child at least. If there is a way to do it without having to get married, then why not.

Q. Did your parents ever force you to marry? How supportive were they of your decision?

There was a time when the fact that I wasn’t getting married was depressing my dad. It was his long-time desire to become a grandfather. They are obsessed with Laksshya. Their dream has come true.

They have fully supported me in my journey of parenthood. At times, I worry that they don’t spoil Laksshya because right now their focus is all on him. We are sidelined. He is getting all their love.

My mom was a little worried and had told me that she will do everything she can do as a grandmother, but being a mother is difficult and that I have to be ready for it.

Q. Parenthood is all about nurturing. What does this phase mean to you?

This comes naturally to me. People have told me that I am doing much more than a couple would do for their child. But I don’t feel like I am doing anything extraordinary. Maybe that is because I am mature enough and that I have taken this step at the right time, when I am ready for the responsibility and the love. This is something I want to do. I want to nurture my child with all the love I can and I enjoy it. Parenthood nourishes my soul. I love taking him to the park and play school. It doesn’t feel like work. Some parents do think that doing things for their children takes away time from their lives, but this is my life and it is lovely.

Q. Does work take a backseat after having a baby? We heard you don’t want to do more comedy films.

No, work doesn’t take a backseat at this point. I did Golmaal 4 after having Laksshya. I did both things. I did parenting and I worked. I am selecting films more carefully too. I am doing a web show which will start later this year.

I want to do a lot of stuff, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to do comedy. Comedy has brought me more success than anything else, but at the same time I do not want to get typecast. I have done films like Shootout at Lokhandwala and The Dirty Picture. I want to continue doing that kind of work too and be versatile. Just because my character in the Golmaal franchise worked, people don’t see me doing other roles. I want to break that image.

With work, I am happy but I am not satisfied. It seems producers and directors don’t see me doing other genres like drama and thriller. People in the industry associate artistes with what brought them success in their last film. It is a part of the game and I’ll have to continue to break my own image and rediscover other genres. But that doesn’t take me away from comedy. I have to do good work and have a balance.

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