Tubelight is not a typical Salman Khan film and that’s reason enough to appreciate it

Tubelight is not a typical Salman Khan film and that’s reason enough to appreciate it

Tubelight: As audience or a critic, it's easy to focus on the flaws of a film while missing its strong points. While everyone has been talking about what went wrong with Salman Khan's Eidi this year, let us tell you why the film isn't a bad option after all and something we should be appreciating Salman for.

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Salman Khan’s Tubelight did not manage to perform well at the box office.

Over the last one decade, Salman has entertained his fans by releasing films on the occasion of Eid, which eventually went on to become blockbusters, breaking records every time. Unfortunately, Tubelight did not follow suit. The film is doing fair business but when has ‘fair business’ been enough for a Salman Khan film? The word-of-mouth did the film in with people wondering how Tubelight is a Salman Khan film. But probably, that is the strength of the film — it is not a typical Salman film despite the actor playing his typical man with a golden heart. (Spoiler alert)

Here are the reasons why we should give Tubelight a change — whether it is Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings in the film, pointing finger at racism that we take for granted and many more.

Emotions: Salman’s film is high on emotions from the word go. For us, it’s one of those rare films of Salman that makes you empathise. Last time we guess we felt the same was while watching Hum Aapke Hai Koun and to some extent Bajrangi Bhaijaan. You instantly relate to Laxman (Salman) and Bharath (Sohail) camaraderie and when Bharath goes to fight in the war, you wonder what you’ll feel when caught in the same situation.

For us, the scene when Sohail is leaving and Salman tries to make him happy by doing some funny antics and the one where he hopes to not find Sohail’s coffin when martyrs return to the village wrapped in the national flag were extremely strong and made us cry with Salman. Kudos to the 51-year-old actor for pulling such strong scenes with such an ease.


Zhu Zhu lip sync: People have been going crazy over Matin Rey Tangu’s cuteness on and off screen but what no one bothered to notice is the Chinese actor Zhu Zhu. Till now, we believed she will play a Chinese woman living in India. But the film portrays her as an Indian and the way she lip syncs the Hindi dialogues is exemplary. But what really stands out is her response when she faces that racial slur, “Chinkie” that many still use for people from the North-East. The scenes put the spotlight on each one of us and how we have internalised racism, and it is not comfortable.

Power of belief: We have grown up listening to elders who say that you have to believe in yourself to make your dreams come true. This film played on the same grounds. It wanted us to keep our beliefs strong, and believe in magic. Okay, some sequences are over-the-top but sometimes you just have to keep faith.

Matin Rey Tangu: Matin’s character was extremely lively. Though his role was a small one, you cannot miss out on the fact that it was important. He stands like a rock to Salman’s shivering ‘yakeen’ and that’s the beauty of the relationship they share. The scene where Salman puts up a fight against Zeeshan’s character Narayan for the little boy sends a strong message about friendship.

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The film’s motive is to focus on the human cost of wars and it manages to carry it off. Yes, it does it with a message that is in your face and unsubtle but the sincerity is there. And at times like this, the message sure counts.

However, we would have to agree with people who say the film could have been crispier and the Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo was just unnecessary.