Tubelight trailer launched watch video: Salman, humour, emotions and a Shah Rukh Khan glimpse

Tubelight trailer launched watch video: Salman, humour, emotions and a Shah Rukh Khan glimpse

Salman Khan's Tubelight trailer has left fans stunned with his performance and the last glimpse of Om Puri on the silver screen. Don't miss the glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan also!

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Tubelight trailer: Salman Khan mines his inner man-child for emotions and humour as Shah Rukh Khan puts in an appearance and Om Puri makes his last one.

As Salman Khan’s Tubelight trailer launched, we were left asking what could be bigger than a Salman Khan film? The answer is a Salman Khan film with Shah Rukh Khan. But what really left us with a lump in our throat was the moment when Om Puri comes on screen and says a man can move mountains if he believes. Only if belief could bring you back Omji.

Tubelight’s trailer is out and lives up to the hype atypical of a Salman Khan movie. The innocence in his smile and his strong belief that his brother cannot leave him alone, filled us with many emotions. Undoubtedly, the trailer has a Bajrangi Bhaijaan feel to it with Salman Khan’s simpleton act. Here are the five reasons why the collaboration between the actor and filmmaker Kabir Khan appears a winner:

Watch | Salman Khan’s Tubelight trailer

1. Salman is here to act.
In his over two decade career, Salman has come to be known more for his distinct, unparalleled screen presence than his acting talent. In fact, one can count on their fingertips the films where the star has challenged the actor in him. One such movie is Bajrangi Bhaijaan, his second collaboration with Kabir. And in Tubelight, looks like the director has managed to extract another winning performance from Salman. The trailer is, obviously, an all Salman-show, and as naive Laxman he is delightfully believable.

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2. There are plenty of Salman-Sohail’s ‘Bhai-Bhai’ moments.After Veer, this is the second time Salman and Sohail Khan are playing brothers in screen, and no Tubelight trailer doesn’t remind one of the nightmare that the 2010 film was. Instead, the chemistry between the real life siblings looks endearing and is one of the highlights of the trailer.

3. We saw Shah Rukh Khan!
Okay, so it’s only a blink-and-miss appearance, more like a tease but the superstar made it to the trailer, adding to the excitement around the film. Amid the Bharat-Laxman story, we see a shadow in the dark which totally looked like Shah Rukh. We can’t wait to see him in the film now.


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4. The visuals of Om Puri increase the emotional quotient.
This was among the late actor’s last films and his scenes with Salman in the trailer are sure to make everyone emotional.

5. The film looks brilliant technically
From the gorgeous landscape of Ladakh to the beautiful background score complimenting the warm vibe of the film, this Kabir Khan-directorial looks a treat for the cinemagoers.