This throwback picture of Shekhar Kapur and Heath Ledger takes us on a nostalgic ride. See pic

This throwback picture of Shekhar Kapur and Heath Ledger takes us on a nostalgic ride. See pic

Shekhar Kapur took to Twitter to share a throwback picture with Heath Ledger, and no we can't get over it.

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Shekhar Kapur and Heath Ledger at the premiere of The Four Feathers.

Shekhar Kapur and Heath Ledger were good friends and after Ledger’s death, Shekhar even spoke about his close relationship with the actor. The Four Feathers was the movie in which the director and actor collaborated, and today, Shekhar took to his official Twitter page to share a throwback picture. From the sets, while they were shooting in Morocco, the picture also has Director of Photography, Bob Richardson in the frame. Shekhar captioned the image, “#HeathLedger and me, with the amazing Bob Richardson DOP on sets in Morocco.”

Heath Ledger’s death came as a shock not just to his fans but his friends as well. And especially since Shekhar happened to be the last person to have spoken to The Joker actor, he even spoke at that time about the movie they planned to make together and their relationship. While the 2002 film The Four Feathers was set in Sudan about a young man who is accused of being a coward, the next project they had planned was a satire, The Nine O’Clock War. This was about reporter who covers war by introducing the people involved with the war. It is about a man who made the war a reality show of sorts for the western world.

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Shekhar had said to The Telegraph then, “He was jet-lagged, but he was looking forward to the next day. We were talking about meeting up, and laughing about synchronicity because I had booked a massage for him at three o’clock, and he’d booked one for himself at the same time. He told me to call him in the morning. I said, ‘I won’t disturb you if you’re tired.’ But he said, ‘No, call me. Wake me up, and we’ll meet.'”

Seeing this picture reminds one of the lost potential and what could have been some inspiring work on the silver screen.