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Taapsee Pannu: I’m so happy MeToo movement is finally happening in India

In an interaction with indianexpress.com, Taapsee Pannu shared that she was glad the MeToo movement had finally arrived in India.

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Taapsee Pannu’s recent film Manmarziyaan faced trouble with a religious group. (Photo: APH Images)

On the sidelines of the Premier Badminton League event in Delhi, in which Taapsee Pannu owns team Pune Seven Acres, the Manmarziyaan actor shared with indianexpress.com what she felt about the MeToo movement in India.

Several stories of sexual harassment have surfaced after Tanushree Dutta recently opened up about Nana Patekar sexually harassing her on the sets of 2008 film Horn Ok Pleassss. Taapsee said she was happy women are finally getting the strength to come forward and talk about it.

“I’m so happy it is finally happening. People used to keep asking me for so many years that why it has not happened in India. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve not gone through this. So, I wish I could share something that could start it. But I’m so happy it has finally started and is gaining momentum. Better late than never. I’m happy it’s finally here,” Taapsee said.

Talking further on how she has never shied away from endorsing women issues, Taapsee Pannu said, “(I do it) Especially for the issues I strongly believe in and if you force me to speak. It’s not like I speak on other people’s issues. But if there is something directed towards me and I stay quiet, that means I’m accepting that I’m wrong. But I’m not. So I speak up.”