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Swami Om’s pool dance with Mona Lisa raises eyebrows, watch video

Bigg Boss 10 : After the grilling session of nominations, Mona Lisa - Swami Om relax in the pool.

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Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om, Mona Lisa relax in the pool after nominations.

It’s been three weeks since India’s most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 10, began but the craze about the show is just growing day by day, thanks to Swami Om. One of the Indiawale contestants, Swami Om has been successfully keeping the audience’s eyes on him in each and every episode. On the Weekend Ka Vaar, he entertained his fellow contestants and Salman Khan with his dancing and singing abilities that he has learnt from the housemates and now in the nomination special episode, he drew the limelight to himself by getting into the pool with Mona Lisa.

After the grilling session of nominations, Mona Lisa decided to spend some leisure time in the pool. She wore a red bikini, turning things too hot to handle in the house. While the other Indiawale just watched on, Swami Om — without a second thought — jumped into the pool and started dancing. Well, this did make every question about what was going on in Swami’s mind. This contestant knows exactly what to do to keep himself in the news. Apart from dancing, he has been instigating the housemates by passing on comments, especially on Lopamudra. He has even given a statement that if ever something happens to him on the show then the housemates should be held responsible for it as they are planning to kill him.

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To top it all, Swami Om was also caught stealing on camera. He stole someone’s perfume from the washroom. And of course, who doesn’t know that he turned over a missile with his energies and walked on water. Even outside the Bigg Boss, this personality is infamous for quite a lot of things. Within the first week, a video of Swami Om slapping a woman on a TV channel went viral and then there were reports that he has been booked for theft and even serious crimes like extortion. Reports also said he has a non-bailable warrant against him.