Sumeet Vyas on High Jack: I wanted to explore a slightly weird topic

Sumeet Vyas on High Jack: I wanted to explore a slightly weird topic

Sumeet Vyas, best known for his web shows Permanent Roommates and Tripling, has done films like English Vinglish and Ribbon. The actor is now awaiting the release of his two movies, High Jack and Veere Di Wedding.

Sumeet Vyas in High Jack photos
Sumeet Vyas plays a DJ in High Jack.

Give Sumeet Vyas any kind of character and he will own it. Be it the funny Mikesh in TVF’s Permanent Roommates or the responsible brother in Tripling, Sumeet has dominated the digital space for a long time. After being part of a dozen films too, Sumeet has a crucial 2018. The actor has two movies – High Jack and Veere Di Wedding lined up this year. While he plays a DJ in the former, he is the single guy in the group of ladies in Kareena Kapoor Khan-Sonam Kapoor starrer Veere Di Wedding. In an exclusive chat with, Sumeet shared what is it about him that connects with the audience.

“I think honesty because I don’t pretend to be that person, I am genuinely that person. That’s my approach to acting. So I can’t pretend to look dumb. I have to genuinely think dumb if I’m playing dumb or I have to genuinely be in that pure state of mind if I am performing. Mikesh’s character is too unadulterated for today’s times which is most endearing about him, even when he is saying the most inappropriate things, he just doesn’t feel wrong. Perhaps that effort to be that honest is what connects with the audience,” said Sumeet.

Sumeet Vyas in High Jack photos
Sumeet Vyas in a still from High Jack.

Sumeet Vyas will be seen in High Jack which also stars Mantra Mugdh, Sonnalli Seygall and Kumud Mishra. The film, which releases on May 18, has him playing a DJ. Talking about the preparations that he had to do for his role, Sumeet said, “I’m not a party animal. I haven’t hung around with a lot of DJs. Also, I wanted to completely step away from the kind of stuff I have been doing so far, the guy next door, the nice guy. I wanted to explore a slightly weird topic, a quirkier role. So, it required a little bit of preparation.”

The makers of High Jack call it a ‘stoner comedy’. Reacting to whether this new kind of genre will connect with the Bollywood audience, Sumeet said, “I hope so! I think with the advent of internet, the kind of exposure that the audience has today, they are far more open to newer kind of content. And as makers it is our responsibility to explore new kinds of content, new genres basically. So, I really hope the audience is ready for a new brand of comedy.”

Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh in Permanent Roommates photos
Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh played a live-in couple in TVF web series Permanent Roommates.

But why does Sumeet Vyas stick to comedies? “It’s been last few years that I’ve been doing comedy. But, I’ve also done a bunch of serious roles like Stories by Rabindranath Tagore. Ribbon (2017) was not a funny film. Comedy is more easily consumable, I would say, which is why it gets more attention also. It is the easiest form of entertainment. To delve into another emotion is slightly tougher,” he clarified.

Sumeet has tried his hands at all kinds of mediums. Being a part of the digital space from its very advent in India, he shares that he is happy to be associated with the medium even before it saw an explosion in the last few years. “I feel very happy and lucky that I got to do this. To be fair, I have the beginner advantage because I tried to do something which no one else was thinking about at that point of time. If it’s a good script and something relevant, it doesn’t matter what medium it comes from. It will connect and people will find it. And Permanent Roommates and the whole web thing is the biggest example of it,” he said.

Sumeet Vyas photos
Sumeet Vyas has done a lot of theater too.

Ask Sumeet whether films are the ultimate goal for an actor and he says, “I think good parts can be the ultimate goal for an actor, certain roles that they’ve imagined themselves in. Also, films are big because it is the biggest business right now. There is big money involved. The kind of exposure they have. The kind of loyalty they have from the audience. So, in that sense, it becomes a big deal,” shared the actor.

Sumeet comes from a theatre background. Though the actor agrees he gets less time to indulge in that now, he said, “I refuse to take my foot out of that boat. I just want to continue doing theatre.”

The actor, who had also written TVF Tripling, revealed that the team is now working on its second season. “We are writing the second season of Tripling. Hopefully, that should come out by the end of this year.”

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