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Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Sonu Sood news on June 3: Fans compare the actor to Bhagat Singh

Sonu Sood news on June 3: Want to know more about the Bollywood actor's efforts to help migrant workers? You are at the right place.

By: Entertainment Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 3, 2020 3:41:29 pm
sonu sood migrant workers Sonu Sood helps migrants reach home. (Photo: Sonu Sood/Instagram)

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been receiving praise for his tireless efforts to help the most vulnerable in times of the COVID-19 crisis. The actor has not only helped migrants reach their homes safely, but has also provided his Mumbai hotel as accommodation for frontline workers.

Apart from this, the actor recently helped 177 migrant workers stuck in Kerala to reach their hometowns. After taking the necessary precautions and permissions, Sonu arranged aircrafts for the workers which flew them from Kochi to Bhubaneswar.

Sonu Sood has also sent over a thousand migrant workers to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar via the railways.

For his work, Sonu has received the admiration and support of his peers. Not too long ago, Shilpa Shetty shared a post in which she showered praise on the actor for his relentless hard work to reunite the migrants with their families. Sharing a picture of Sonu, she wrote, “Extremely proud of you, @sonu_sood‬ Selfless efforts must be applauded ‪#leadbyexample #gratitude #hero #help.”

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15:41 (IST)03 Jun 2020
'Country will never forget your support'

@007am_it in a tweet mentioned, "Country will never forget your support in this difficult times. Sonu Sood, you are great."

14:46 (IST)03 Jun 2020
'I am blessed that God chose me to help them'

Sonu Sood told FilmiBeat in an interview, "This initiative is the most important phase of my life. I never thought that it will go to this level, I thought I would help few hundreds and then I wanted to help thousands, and now I want to help everyone. So it happened automatically, and I am blessed that God chose me as a tool to help them. I think this is my duty now. It takes almost 20 hours of my day and I wish today I could have 30 hours, so I could spend more time with them."

14:16 (IST)03 Jun 2020
A fan sketches Sonu Sood in Bhagat Singh's avatar

When a fan tweeted a sketch of Sonu Sood as Bhagat Singh, the actor replied, "I don’t deserve this brother.  He is my idol. Our nations pride. all I can say is you are supremely talented."

13:28 (IST)03 Jun 2020
Sonu Sood sends food

In a video shared by @SahidulBarbhu17 on Twitter, many migrants can be seen seeking help. Soon Sood replying to the video promised to provide food and shelter soon.

13:07 (IST)03 Jun 2020
Sonu Sood's own struggles made him understand migrant's pain

While Sonu’s parents are no more, his sister said that her brother’s countless journeys home from cities where he struggled to make a career and travelled in general compartments to save money have possibly helped him understand the pain of migrants better than others.

Read more | Behind Sonu Sood’s drive to help migrants, a sense of ‘Punjabiyat’ and a desire to make his parents proud

12:38 (IST)03 Jun 2020
'There's a bigger force protecting us'

When a Twitter user shared a meme on Cyclone Nisarg saying that the actor is waiting for it to arrive in order to send it back home, Sonu replied, "There is a bigger force that's protecting all of us."

12:19 (IST)03 Jun 2020
Sonu Sood takes Swag Se Solo challenge
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Aaj kal salam-namaste karne main hi swag hai @pepsiindia #harghoontmeinswag #swagsesolo

A post shared by Sonu Sood (@sonu_sood) on

11:32 (IST)03 Jun 2020
'This is called the spirit of true Indian'

A Twitter user, @narula961, offered AC buses to help Sonu Sood. He wrote, "Sir I'm ravinder Kumar from Punjab  sir agar AAP ko 52 seats AC Bus ki jarurat ho to btana Sir MH to MP UP HRkhi bhi jana ho 6june ko de sakta hun free of cost," to which the actor replied, "Thank u so much .. this is called the spirit of a true Indian"

11:05 (IST)03 Jun 2020
When a fan asked Sonu Sood to come Delhi

"@SonuSood can you send another @SonuSood to Delhi to help the migrants from UP and Bihar to reach their homes. it's heart wrenching to see them everyday and everywhere," @PragyahSingh tweeted. Replying to the tweet, the actor wrote, "If you find them suffering there post me. Will get them out from there too."

10:46 (IST)03 Jun 2020
MLA Rajendra Shukla seeks help from Sonu Sood

BJP MLA Rajendra Shukla tweeted a list of migrants who are stuck in Mumbai. Shukla asked Sonu Sood to help them reach their hometown. In reply to the tweet, Sonu Sood said, "Sir, अब कोई भई कहीं नहीं फँसेगा। आपके प्रवासी भाई कल आपके पास भेज देंगे सर कभी MP आया तो पोहा ज़रूर खिलाना।"

10:23 (IST)03 Jun 2020
When Sonu Sood promised to help a pregnant woman reach her hometown

A Twitter user, @AKASHSINGH51, tweeted, "I need your help. My wife is pregnant & her delivery is on next month so we need to go our hometown(U.P). Currently we are in Navi Mumbai. Please help me dear sir"
Replying to the tweet, Sonu Sood wrote, "The new born will arrive in your hometown brother. That’s my promise"

10:00 (IST)03 Jun 2020
Gurpreet Kaur Chaddha appreciates Sonu Sood's work

Gurpreet Kaur Chadha appreciated Sonu Sood and his team for addressing each and every call as soon as possible. "Wow didi you tweeted and team @SonuSood called in 5 minutes. I witnessed this by myself. Kudos" she wrote to which Sood replied, "On the job.. 24/7. Till our last migrant brother reaches his home"

09:42 (IST)03 Jun 2020
Dolly Bindra seeks Sonu Sood's help

Dolly Bindra requested Sonu Sood to help a migrant family. She tweeted, "Bhaiya @SonuSood migrants Mumbai (Ghatkopar ) TO Prayagraj (Lal Gopalganj) Mohammed Saif Mukim Shaikh Male. Age -13 Jamilunnisha Mumtaz Ahmed Shaikh Female. Age - 65 Imran Mumtaz Ahmed Shaikh Male. Age - 27"

17:30 (IST)02 Jun 2020
'He proved himself a hero in real'

"He might be a villian in reel life, but he proved himself as a Hero in real..I think everyone should teach their kids to be like Sonu sood. Salute to you sir,great work. I pray to god to keep you and your family always happy and safe. Proud of you," @MeghanPagare999 wrote in a tweet.

17:01 (IST)02 Jun 2020
Sonu Sood teaches how to make face shield
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Stay home stay safe 😷

A post shared by Sonu Sood (@sonu_sood) on

In a video, Sonu Sood teaches his fans how to make face shield at home.

16:32 (IST)02 Jun 2020
'The man with a big heart'

A Twitter user, @jatinrocks_7, called Sonu Sood 'the man with a big heart.' "Big salute to you @SonuSood ji. Ek hi dill hai kitni baar jitoge. The man with a big heart #SonuSoodTheRealHero love you sir ji."

16:02 (IST)02 Jun 2020
Sonu Sood to a fan: You are so talented

@abhishek199093 dedicated a song to Sonu Sood. The user tweeted a video to which the actor replied, "Awesome. Brother, we shall meet soon and I will listen to your song. You are very talented."

15:48 (IST)02 Jun 2020
Sonu Sood's replies to fans

When a Twitter user, @KhanNad30930945, requested Sonu Sood to help his three friends come back home, the actor replied, 'Sending your friend.'

When another Twitter user asked for help, the actor wrote, 'Your family is my family. no worries. Reaching soon'

@SonagraVatsal tweeted, 'sir thak gaya hu aab Bhikh mangte mangte madad milegi muje ya har man luu ki koi nai he esa 7405174351,' to which the actor replied, 'where will you go, my friend?'

15:01 (IST)02 Jun 2020
'You reached home because of your parents'

When a Twitter user thanked Sonu Sood for helping them reach home, the actor replied, "You reached home not because of me.. you reached because your parents prayed for you.. माँ बाप की दुआ से घर पहुँचे हो भाई। मैं सिर्फ़ ज़रिया था।"

14:35 (IST)02 Jun 2020
'Sonu Sood has put all his efforts into humanity'

@martinvaib shared on Twitter, "While most of us gone into comfort zone and completing web-series through lying on bed whole day, this @SonuSood brave man put his all efforts and expenses into true humanity in this pandemic."

“I am making sure to do everything in my capacity to help our migrants. I have pledged to not stop until the last migrant reaches home,” Sonu Sood said in a statement.