India’s Best Dramebaaz judge Omung Kumar: We didn’t know Sonali Bendre had cancer

India’s Best Dramebaaz judge Omung Kumar: We didn’t know Sonali Bendre had cancer

Sonali Bendre has been replaced by Huma Qureshi on kids’ reality show India's Best Dramebaaz Season 2. The show will be co-judged by Omung Kumar and Vivek Oberoi.

sonali bendre diagonosed with cancer
Sonali Bendre was one of the judge on India’s Best Dramebaaz.

Actor Sonali Bendre recently shocked fans and colleagues by announcing on social media that she has been diagnosed with cancer. While she has been away from the silver screen for quite some time, Sonali was recently seen in kids’ reality show India’s Best Dramebaaz Season 2. The show featured Sonali as one of the judges along with Omung Kumar and Vivek Oberoi.

Omung shared it was “shocking” to know about Sonali’s health and that they (the team) had no idea about Sonali’s medical condition.

“We shot for four episodes together before she was replaced. We were laughing, having fun, even discussing our respective shoes. I don’t think she knew about it (the diagnosis) at the time. Later, we were told that she had left for New York for some tests and a second opinion, but we didn’t know she had cancer. It’s shocking. I know she’s a fighter and will come out of it,” Omung told Mumbai Mirror.

Vivek Oberoi took to Twitter and shared, “You are one of the strongest women I know! I admire &respect how u always stood ur ground in the face of adversity…and won! A WonderWoman who does it all-actor,author,mom,wife! An inspiration 2so many!Cancer will surely lose this fight! Our Love & Prayers are with u always!”


Sonali has since been replaced by Huma Qureshi, who makes her television debut with India’s Best Dramebaaz Season 2.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Sonali Bendre said, “Sometimes when you least expect it, life throws you a curveball. I have recently been diagnosed with high-grade cancer that has metastasized, which we frankly did not see coming. A niggling pain led to some tests, which led to this unexpected diagnosis. My family and close friends have rallied around me, providing the best support system that anyone can ask for. I am very blessed and thankful for each of them.”

Sonali’s photo with India’s Best Dramebaaz contestants:

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She added, “There is no better way to tackle this than to take swift and immediate action. And so, as advised by my doctors, I am currently undergoing a course of treatment in New York. We remain optimistic and I am determined to fight every step of the way. What has helped has been the immense outpouring of love and support I’ve received over the past few days, for which I am very grateful. I’m taking this battle head-on, knowing I have the strength of my family and friends behind me.”