Sonakshi Sinha’s look-alike Priya Mukherji gets acting offers

Sonakshi Sinha’s look-alike Priya Mukherji gets acting offers

News about Priya, who shares an uncanny resemblance to actress Sonakshi Sinha, has spread like fire.

Priya Mukherji
Priya Mukherji: I’ve gone quite viral, and kind of built a fan base. (Source: Instagram)

Priya Mukherji, who used to go by the handle ‘sonakshisinha_lookalike’ on Instagram, has revealed that she has now started to receive job offers to appear on the small screen.

Indian Express was the first to introduce you to Priya in March and since then, news about this young woman who shares an uncanny resemblance to Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, has spread like fire.

“I’ve been receiving a few offers to work on TV so I’ll most probably relocate soon. And I’ve gone quite viral, and kind of built a fan base,” she says in an exclusive Twitter interview with Indian Express.

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Sharing how this newfound fame came to be, Priya says, “I was born in Italy by Italian Mother and Indian father and been raised up in Luxembourg (a tiny country in Europe). Right now I am based in London. I wanted a life change .. new opportunity.. people started calling me Sonakshi since 2012 basically, it was less back then but it grew. I got viral on social networks (last August) after posting a collage with me and her, since then this is going on.”



However, Priya says being compared to Sonakshi does have its downfalls. “Been receiving positive responses over all but there were a few negatives ones where people are concerned about my individuality, I’ve said that there is nothing like that, because we are two different people after all, I am still me Also just like Sonakshi I have been criticized for my weight, but I am working on a new image, and really don’t care, I’ve been considering the offers I got.”

Priya who was initially ‘sonakshisinha_lookalike’ on Instagram, has now changed her handle, to become easily accessible. “I have been approached via my Social Networks since there is no other way to track me down also because my instagram is now priya_mukherji and not sonakshisinha_lookalike (sic).”

Priya is a huge fan of the ‘Dabangg’ actress and is constantly sharing updates about Sonakshi, retweeting her stories and promoting her films in any small way she can.

She also chooses to wear identical clothes to Sonakshi, picking saris similar to what the desi belle has previously worn.


Showbiz has always been on her mind since childhood, she says, “I’ve been always dreaming of becoming an actor since my childhood, and I hope that I too one day get my fair chance. For now, I am entertaining my fans/followers with photos, short videos and for the future, we will see… right now I am just waiting and hoping the offers I got are fruitful (sic)”.