Sohum Shah on Tumbbad success: I had complete faith in the film

Sohum Shah on Tumbbad success: I had complete faith in the film

Tumbbad actor Sohum Shah believes Bollywood needs to make quality films to get success in the horror genre. He shared that the audience and the industry have both realised that content is the real king.

Tummbad success
Apart from being the producer, Sohum Shah also played the lead role in Tumbbad.

It was a long journey for Sohum Shah before his film Tumbbad saw the light of the day. The producer also played the lead role in the film. While the premise of the film revolved around a demon Hastar, the story also delved into the insatiable greed that inhabits humans. Talking about the success of the film, Sohum shared exclusively with that he had complete faith in the project.

“It was not an easy ride but I had complete trust that it will receive the love of the audience and also critical acclaim. We walked the path with faith and today, we are celebrating not just the success but also the fulfillment of our trust,” said Sohum Shah.

Ask him what made him put so much faith on a subject that has never been touched upon, the actor-producer said, “The script was the most important factor. I could see an opportunity in it. But it wasn’t an easy task. While hearing folklores is an enjoyable process, creating it on the VFX is an uphill challenge. We shot in natural light to get the perfect mood. Every detailing was designed perfectly. And above all, the biggest challenge came during editing. We had close to 200 minutes of footage and to crop it to 105 minutes, was really difficult.”

“The film could only be made because of the team’s passion. We knew there was no scope of any compromise. It wouldn’t have seen the success if we weren’t so honest with it. Even if it took more time, we were ready to give it. But we decided to make it only the way we had visualised it,” he added.


When asked if a horror film has an edge among audiences, Sohum said, “Firstly, I wouldn’t like to specify Tumbbad in the horror genre. It has elements of thriller, mystery, fantasy and horror. But yes, owing to the unpredictability, the genre definitely finds a large audience. In the west, horror is a profit churner. Bollywood needs to make quality products to get the same amount of success.”

The Simran actor further shares that while he is passionate about filmmaking, he enjoys acting more. He said, “As a producer, there are a hundred other things running in your mind, so it gets tedious. As an actor, it’s enjoyable as you are completely pampered on sets (laughs). As for me taking up both jobs, it was definitely not easy. While shooting, I had to figure backend work and then also give the perfect shot. But now when I look back, I think it was all worth it.”

Adding that he is in talks with a few web series and films, Sohum concluded the conversation by talking about content-driven films. “The industry, as well as the audience, have realised that content is the real king. There is an easy option to consume good content, be it Hollywood or original series for the viewers. It is thus justifiable that to beat the competition, we need to up our game. I think this year has been a proof to that with content-rich films doing so well.”

Released on October 12, Tumbbad also starred Mohammad Samad, Anita Date, Deepak Damle, Jyoti Malshe.