Zain is very good looking: Shahid Kapoor

Zain is very good looking: Shahid Kapoor

Neha Dhupia's BFFs with Vogue season 3 recently hosted Kabir Singh actors Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani. While Kiara spoke about her bond with co-star Shahid, the latter shared a lot about his married life, kids and upcoming film Kabir Singh.

shahid kapoor on mira rajput and film kabir singh
Shahid Kapoor will be next seen in Kabir Singh, which will release on June 21. (Photo: Shahid Kapoor/Instagram)

Actor Shahid Kapoor recently opened up about being a father, playing an alcoholic in Kabir Singh and much more. The actor was on Neha Dhupia’s BFFs with Vogue season 3. Earlier, he had appeared on the show with his wife Mira Rajput. This time, it was his Kabir Singh co-star Kiara Advani who accompanied Shahid. Here are excerpts from the conversation.

Shahid Kapoor on Kiara Advani

Shahid: Kiara is somebody who has pleasantly surprised me with how chilled out she is. She is a team player which is a great quality. She doesn’t care about how the shot went and lastly, she is great in the film.

What has a changed in one year of being on BBFs with Vogue?

Shahid: I have become a father to a baby boy. He is so good looking that I am fanboying over him all day. He is way better looking than me.

On trolls


Shahid: Well, anybody who is anything in this generation has definitely been trolled. If you have not, then you are not anybody. I feel the more the trolling, the big I am.

On wife Mira Rajput

Shahid: She is very candid and normal person. She is not somebody like us – conditioned and hardened people, if I may say so, who have developed a thick skin. And it’s like we have to. We have to pull up the shields to save ourselves from things that are thrown at you for being an actor, a celebrity or anybody who is being judged.

How did you become friends?

Kiara: We shot for a song before filming Kabir Singh. It was a two days shoot and don’t know but we were vibing already. We were very comfortable and chilled. The friendship started there and continued on the sets of Kabir Singh. After intimate moments, I would be like, ‘ok, move now.’

Shahid: Yeah, she totally took me for granted. I was used and abused completely during the film but that is what friendship is all about.

What makes you lose your cool?

Kiara: I get hangry. The only time I am hungry. If you would ask me to reintroduce Shahid, I would probably say that he is my BFF because of his cook who makes amazing food. I love ghar ka khaana.

Shahid: I get flustered when I and Mira have a fight. That really bothers me and it takes me time to come out of it. I do lose my cool on a lot of things but no one gets to know because I control it and move on. We don’t fight much. It is like once in months but sometimes it is too bad. Sometimes it lasts for 15 days. But it is okay to fight. It is important to hold your own, to disagree and learn to respect the differences. It is important to give each other time so that you can talk about it together to resolve it. You have to find ways to move on without causing a reason to change.

Kiara: Sometimes I sit with him and I feel I am ready to get married because he has full marriage gyaan.

Who makes up?

Shahid: Isn’t it obvious. Of course, me.

Being a teetotaler, how did you get into the mind of a drug addict or an alcoholic?

Shahid: These kinds of characters have a little bit of edge because you know they are going to be a bit extreme. So, as an actor you think that if you can pull this off, it will have some kind of impact. I want to play characters that create an impact. You need such opportunities where you can make the audience notice you. Beyond that, it is instinct, research and of course, the guidance of the director.

What was Karan Johar’s tip for climax scene in Lust Story?

Kiara: Believe it or not, Karan guided me for everything but that one scene. A night before, I was very very nervous about how I will do it. I also googled how people use a vibrator. On the set, he just told me to be genuine, do eye roll and everything. That’s how it happened.


Kabir Singh is an official Hindi remake of Telugu superhit Arjun Reddy, starring Vijay Deverakonda in the lead role. The film will release on June 21.