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Shah Rukh Khan says he ‘shamelessly and brazenly’ loves receiving awards: ‘It’s for the Indian film industry’

Shah Rukh Khan said that he is 'shamelessly and brazenly' fond of receiving awards for his work, but that he considers them as honours for the entire Indian film industry.

SHAH RUKH KHANShah Rukh Khan recently wrapped the Saudi Arabia schedule of Dunki. (Photo: PTI)
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Shah Rukh Khan was recently honoured at the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, where he also filmed one schedule of his upcoming film Dunki. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has opened its gates for international film productions to shoot there, in addition to allowing foreign films to be screened for the first time in decades.

In an interview with Raya Abirbached on the sidelines of the festival, Shah Rukh said that he is ‘shamelessly and brazenly’ fond of receiving awards, but that he believes that any award given to him is an award for Indian cinema as a whole. “I’ve been trying to make people happy for the last 32 years, sometimes successfully sometimes not. I also feel that being recognised for this work is not individual, it’s for the industry in India, and I’m just very fortunate to be chosen as the face of the Indian industry.”

Shah Rukh said that contrary to popular belief, he isn’t constantly working, and that he is convinced he does nothing all day. He credited his team for his success, and said that just like his movies, which involve so many people behind-the-scenes, he walks away with all the credit for the hard work of several people.

The actor has been on a self-imposed sabbatical for the last four years, and in a recent interview, he said that the main reason behind it was to be able to spend more time with his children. He told Raya that while he has enjoyed being with his kids, he loves entertaining people. He said, “Last two-three years, because of Covid and other reasons, I’ve just been sitting at home and being with the children, I love that too. But suddenly, when I come out on my birthday to meet people, I just get to happy that I can make people smile.”

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Shah Rukh will get plenty of opportunities to make people smile next year; the actor has three big-ticket releases lined up. He’ll start the year with Pathaan, follow it up with Jawan, and conclude it with Dunki.

First published on: 07-12-2022 at 12:07 IST
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