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When Shah Rukh Khan’s patriotism was questioned: ‘If I’ve taken the name of Pak or any other country, what is the harm in it?’

Around the time of 2010 release My Name is Khan, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan had faced a barrage of attack, where his identity as an Indian was questioned.

shah rukh khanShah Rukh Khan is currently looking forward to the release of his next, Pathaan. (Photo: Shah Rukh Khan/Instagram)

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has maintained a low profile of late, especially since last year when his son Aryan Khan was arrested in a drug case controversy. NCB later cleared Aryan of all charges but Shah Rukh has remained silent amid it all. However, there was a time when the actor used to speak his mind on topical subjects, even when it resulted in a backlash.

Around the time of his film release, My Name is Khan (2010), Shah Rukh got involved in a controversy where he slammed the IPL for not picking up Pakistani players at the time during an auction. Immediately, Shah Rukh’s identity was questioned and his film (My Name is Khan) started receiving negative reaction at large, with Shiv Sena workers rallying to ban the movie.

During the time of promotions, Shah Rukh Khan spoke with NDTV about the unfortunate incident and said, “That is one thing no Indian should be questioned on (their patriotism) because you don’t have to ask and you don’t have to explain why you have to love your motherland. I am strangely very proud (of being an Indian), strangely but naturally, my dad was a freedom fighter.”

Further speaking about it and the fact that his father had received the Tamrapatra for his fight against the British rule, Shah Rukh said, “Maybe I have made compromises in my life and I will never deny that but I know that I have been a good citizen, I pay my taxes, I try to be okay law-wise and then suddenly you are subjected to questioning of this form and I get very emotional about the things that people say…because my parents gave me nothing else. I am very proud of the Tamrapatra that my father has and I feel very special, especially with the people of my age group because my father was a freedom fighter, he gave me this country. So, I have this strange positive chip on my shoulder that I really like this. And when somebody asks and says that you are not a nice guy and you are not patriotic enough, I find it very strange.”

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In fact, Shah Rukh did not stop there and went on to reinstate what he had maintained throughout the film promotions: “And again I say with all humility that we should have good relationships with everybody. And if I have taken the name of Pakistan or any other country what is the harm in it? I have not understood this. So that is why when people tell me are you going to retract, I don’t know what to retract? So, here on your show I will say — let’s not be friendly to any country in the world. It’s okay, let my film release with happiness.”

On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan is awaiting the release of actioner Pathaan. He also has Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki and Atlee directorial Jawan in his kitty.

First published on: 17-08-2022 at 02:14:13 pm
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