Shah Rukh Khan’s most politically correct interview is lol hilarious, watch video

Shah Rukh Khan’s most politically correct interview is lol hilarious, watch video 

Shah Rukh Khan speaks to AIB on how he got embroiled in controversy for promoting gangsters through Raees, on award shows turning into satsangs, and why Bollywood has no Meryl Streep. 

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Shah Rukh Khan in conversation with AIB on their Podcast.

When AIB decided to invite Shah Rukh Khan for their podcast, the actor aimed to be “politically correct” but being the king of words, and also Bollywood, the actor very subtly touched upon every pertinent issue in the news space. From Donald Trump to religious attack on Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the sets of Padmavati in Jaipur, Shah Rukh did not leave out anything but did it in a way that he didn’t invite controversies.

Watch| Amitabh Bachchan praises Shah Rukh Khan in Raees:

Here are some excerpts from his conversation that you should not miss.

Shah Rukh Khan on on Sanjay Leela Bhansali attack

“Day before yesterday, the filmmakers, rightly so or wrongly or I don’t know, it was there point of view, they all got angry with some disturbance happened in North India related to something. So, they started to talk about how this is wrong, somebody should not be physically violated xyz and all. The first thing I do at the shooting is to ask whether I am involved in this as I didn’t speak to anyone or did not even meet anyone. This gentleman standing next to me says, “Yeah, 100 retweets on your name” and I am like, I did not even make a comment.” he went on to add, “I checked and all of a sudden I was selling some gangster, bad guy and some religion and all. I am like, why why why! And I can’t make calls anymore. So, I have decided whosoever speaks right, wrong or ugly about me, I will go to their house. I want to go to their house because, at the end of it all, it is about a selfie. Really. I leave the place with the whole idea ki ‘selfie karani thi, ab tum jao, ab tumhe koi kuch nahi karega.’ If I decided to take a lot of selfies with people who have a mouth to speak and fingers to write, I will be the most powerful man in this country.”

Watch | Shah Rukh Khan on AIB Podcast:

Shah Rukh Khan feels like Gaurav from Fan for Meryl Streep but has something to say to the journalists


“When we were young, we used to use this phrase – Angrez chale gaye, aulad chod gaye. There is this one woman in the world with who I will be happy to spend even a second. I’ve never said this for anyone. I am not a fan because I am such a big star, which is true. I am genuinely Gaurav for Meryl Streep. What she spoke was wonderful. There is an age and stage she has reached where she can say anything. She can be President of America. But why should somebody sitting here, hearing something so beautiful, instead of enjoying it says ‘Yahaan kisi ne aisa kyun nahi bola.’ Arre bol diya na usne. If you like it rewind and see it multiple times. Madonna also spoke about her journey which was beautiful, I won’t judge saying why Madhuri Dixit or Juhi Chawla hasn’t spoken any such thing. All of this applies to every one of us. I wanted to address this to journalists but kya karein, I did not win Filmfare. So, I have a lot of things to talk about but for that, I need to win awards. So make sure I do. Jab saala award nahi milega toh bolunga kya.”

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Shah Rukh Khan says award shows have now become satsang

“There is an actor friend of mine who has a padded room in which he goes and speaks, for voice, to make it more powerful. I have a feeling that by the end of my career, I will be in a padded room in one way or another. This house (Mannat) is too small, so I am trying to earn more money and get a room like that. But genuinely, one day I want to scream like haan haan maine ye kiya hai, haan maine yeh bola tha and yeh bhi bol raha hoon. I used to take out my aggression in award shows but now we can’t do that. Abhi toh discourse hai humara. Genuinely, the one that we did together was like a satsang. These days nobody has done bad work in award shows. Everyone is good.”

Well, by the end of the podcast, SRK also offered AIB that he will do a skit with them on how funny weddings are. We are totally waiting for that to happen. However, we just wish like Tanmay Bhatt said how Shah Rukh had totally forgotten after inviting them to play FIFA at Mannat’s auditorium, he does not forget this plan too.