Shabana Azmi: Compared to today’s songs the ‘Sarkai Lo Khatiya’ era seems innocent

Shabana Azmi: Compared to today’s songs the ‘Sarkai Lo Khatiya’ era seems innocent

Shabana Azmi is upset with the lyrics of 'I Don't Luv U' song 'Ishq Ki Maa Ki'.

A number entitled Ishq Ki Maa Ki so infuriated Shabana Azmi that she called up an FM channel playing the song.

A source revealed,”Ishq Ki Maa Ki was playing on a FM channel. When Shabanaji heard the number she immediately called up the radio jockey and demanded to know why such a song was being played. She also tweeted angrily against the song and the lyricist.”

Shabana Azmi’s tweet which invited a lot of responses read,”I cannot believe the song ‘Ishq Ki Maa Ki’ has been written by a woman Pallavi Mishra. Revolting shameful disgusting and condemnable.”

Hate-tweets against Pallavi Mishra including some comparing her to Honey Singh were posted.


Tragically the song that offended Shabana is not written by Pallavi but Amit Kasaria,who has written the song and directed the film I Don’t Luv U which contains the song.

Kasaria stands up stoutly against Shabana’s tirade.

Says Amit,”I have the highest regard for Shabanaji. She doesn’t seem to know that I wrote the song that has offended her. And I wonder why it has offended her! I am a young and new filmmaker,so I am an easy target. Vulnerable sections of people are easy scapegoats to justify moral attitudes. My song is not the least offensive. I’d say Bhaag DK Bose and Teri Keh Ke Lunga are the songs she should be targeting.”

Amit adds,”I repeat,my song doesn’t insult women in any way. It only expresses the frustration of the young in love. My film is not anti-women at all. I invite Shabana to see my film. I am sure she will have a different opinion after seeing what I have to say.”

Shabana Azmi retorted,”There’re no absolutes in freedom. We must exercise self-regulation,we find children dancing to such songs! Compared to today’s songs the Sarkai Lo Khatiya Jaada Lage era seems innocent.”

Shabana is especially concerned about the effect such songs have on children. “The ‘sexualisation’ of children can’t be condoned. I am shocked at how actors agree to mouth these vulgar lyrics.”

Pallavi Mishra,Associate Producer,I Don’t Luv U sais: “I have always held Shabana Azmi in high regards for what she stands for and believes in. However,I am shocked by her allegations against me that she made so publicly on Twitter on May 13. With due respect to her,she should have done her research and found out whether I have written the song Ishq Ki Maa Ki or not. The director of our film I Don’t Luv U,Amit Kasaria has written the song. I would like to ask Ms Azmi the reason for getting personal with this and making it such an issue! We made the song with no bad intention and depicted today’s generation in it. I would also like to ask her why the gender bias? She made such a noise about it because she thought a woman has written it. But if a man has written the same song,then? Why did she not fuss when films like Delhi Belly and Gangs Of Wassyepur were belting out songs with double meaning? Why this hypocrisy? Also,I am sure Ms Azmi is not informed about the fact that after Censor Board’s decision,the lyrics of the song have been change from Ishq Ki Maa Ki to Ishq Ki Naa Ki.

Reacting to Pallavi Mishra’s contention that the song is not written by her Shabana Azmi retorted,”She is the associate producer. And she had a responsibility towards what goes into the film.”