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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sameera Reddy: People went after my white hair, asked ‘why can’t you cover them up’

Bollywood actor-turned-influencer Sameera Reddy's posts on Instagram have a lot of positivity and she says that she learned this over time. From being trolled to becoming an inspiration from many, Sameera talks about her journey.

Written by Kriti Sonali | Bengaluru |
Updated: April 14, 2021 8:43:29 am
sameera reddy photoWhat do we do when we are feeling down and our only resort was ordering junk food? (Photo: Sameera Reddy/Instagram)

Sameera Reddy calls herself a social media influencer ‘by chance’, but it was certainly her choice to be a full-time mom to her two kids. Sameera might be away from the screens for a while but that does not make her any less busy. She is a a content creator, expertly multitasking various aspects of her life.

Sameera first appeared in Pankaj Udhas’s music video “Aur Aahista” in 1997 and went on to films such as Maine Dil Tujhko Diya, Darna Mana Hai, Taxi Number 9211, Race, De Dana Dan and Tezz among others.

In an exclusive interview with, this Bollywood actor-turned-influencer shared how she accepted her “imperfectly perfect” self, the way things are looking different in the industry now and her plans for a comeback.


What was that moment when you felt the need to accept how “imperfectly perfect” you are?

Post having my first child, Hans, I think that I had an identity crisis. What I believed my life would be like post having a child, what I envisioned for my body and my career to be, just did not happen. It left me very confused and I kept questioning myself.

I was battling with postpartum depression that made me lose my self-confidence. I battled it for almost two to three years. When I came out of it, I felt that it was a colossal waste of my time and for no reason. I came on social media to speak my mind. Also, I didn’t want even one woman to experience what I went through. It is not worth it.


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A post shared by Sameera Reddy (@reddysameera)

From being trolled to becoming an inspiration for many, how has the journey been?

When I got on to social media and I started to show my belly, my stretch marks, my grey hair and my age, a lot of people unfollowed me and asked why are you doing this. And I am happy they did that, as I wanted the right crowd. It is very important to choose your tribe and finally, the tribe has chosen me. I am grateful for it.

What has been your worst experience of being judged?

I don’t really remember as I don’t really care. But yes, a lot of people went after my white hair. I have no idea why. I got comments like, ‘Why cannot you cover it up?’ or ‘What’s wrong with you’.

I had girls saying, ‘Why are you misrepresenting what we should look like,’ and it made no sense to me. Social media is not a platform where you can please everybody. We have been fed such unreal standards of beauty that we have now become victims and part of this process that one cannot break.


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A post shared by Sameera Reddy (@reddysameera)

I also do not blame people for saying things like ‘why are you showing this real side’ as they are not conditioned to see it.

You have often spoken about the time when you were in the industry. Looking back, do you think there has been any change with respect to nepotism or casting couch?

Honestly, I haven’t been in the industry for a while now and I am not aware of the changes. But as a viewer, I feel everybody is thinking hundred times now because of the MeToo Movement, and the fact that people are speaking so openly. So things like “I am the king and I will do what I want,” have definitely changed. Now people can be held accountable, they are answerable. Everything has become very transparent suddenly. It might totally be the case but at least the process has begun.

Also, as I came from a South Indian cinema background, people used to say that if you get married your career is over. I feel that has certainly changed now.

Why did you gradually go away from the screen once you got married?

I was always focused on having kids. I knew that I am not a mother who will give birth then leave the kid, I just couldn’t. I am not saying it is wrong or right but I just couldn’t do it. It was my choice. So, I finished off all that I had to do and then bowed out, got married, and immediately got pregnant, and started my life.

Do you miss showbiz?

Not at all. As of now, what is really beautiful is I am enjoying my time. Becoming a content creator has made me really express myself more and enjoy this process even more. I am in a happy space. I am doing what I wanted to and the satisfaction and the love that I get today is nothing compared to what I had before. What I have today is much more important to me.


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A post shared by Sameera Reddy (@reddysameera)

How is life different for you now?

I remember as an actor I had a whole team of people running my life for me. I was very dependent and very insecure about everything and anything, including my body. It is incredible what a shift has happened to me today.

I cannot tell you how empowering it is when you take control of your life. I want to tell anybody listening to me, “You are in control.” You are only a victim and helpless if you believe you are. You have to own your flaws, mistakes and live in the present. You have to make things happen.

I never thought that at 42 I would be so independent.

What do you think makes the audience relate to you?

I run a home, handle my kids, edit my videos. I do all by myself. You can say that I am a multi-tasker. People ask me how I edit my videos, run home and handle the kids, but surprisingly it happens and that is why my audience can relate to me so well. I always say, ‘Do not underestimate a woman.’


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A post shared by Sameera Reddy (@reddysameera)

Have you received any work offers in the recent past?

Right before I got pregnant with my daughter Nyra, I got a very nice offer for a web series. I was about to say yes but then I and my husband discussed that we want two kids and I let it go. It is a very conscious choice.

Can we expect to see you soon?

Yes, of course. I am waiting till my daughter is at an age where she will be able to handle me leaving. Also, let Covid-19 relax, let Nyra grow up a bit, I will be back.

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