Salman Khan wants Varun Dhawan for the remake of Love. Here’s why this film is still etched in our memories

Salman Khan wants Varun Dhawan for the remake of Love. Here’s why this film is still etched in our memories

Salman Khan has done many films in the 29 years of his Bollywood career and many of them are still etched in our memories. While today he is known for his macho man image, back in the early 90s, he was a true-blue romantic hero. Among several hits, Salman's film Love with actor Revathi remains memorable.

Salman Khan wants Varun Dhawan to play his character in Love’s remake.

Salman Khan’s Judwaa has been remade as Judwaa 2 starring Varun Dhawan, and is all set to hit the screens this September. In the past, many of his films, especially Andaz Apna Apna, has been listed among films which need a sequel too. And amid all these remakes and sequels, which is that one film which Salman thinks deserves to be made again? In an interview with DNA, Salman picks his 1991 release Love, which co-starred Revathi. And guess which actor Salman wants to play his part? It’s Varun again!

Salman said, “It’s a film called Love that I did with Revathi. It was a beautiful film. I think Varun will be a damn good choice for that one. In today’s day, age and budget, a film like Sooryavanshi, too, will do really well. If you can tweak it a bit, it should fly. It was way ahead of its time back then.”

However, do you know why Love is a hit among Salman fans? We give you some reasons why this film is still as fresh in our memories as ever.

Songs: We would not say that the entire album was a hit. But its two tracks – “Saathiya Tune Kya Kiya” and “Aaja Aaja Give Me A Kiss” can depict the season of love and flirting at any given time. And if nowhere else, you will find these songs getting a place in the background scores of daily soaps.


Revathi: The renowned actor was contemporary in her own terms. She was free, instinctive and just out there, which was not something Indian films were offering to the audience when it was about female leads at that time.

Amjad Khan: Love also had the Gabbar of the industry turning a perfect angel for the two lovers. In the role of Guruji, Amjad Khan played a character who helps in the union of Salman and Revathi. So, he was a messiah of their love story, just like how our best friends are.

Salman Khan: The macho man was the most vulnerable self in this film. He plays a murder convict who is sheltered within his own self but finds freedom when he meets Maggi (Revathi). He was any man who had a soul with whom you can fall in love with, but an attitude that can be hard to handle.


Varun Dhawan’s act in Judwaa 2 is already getting its own share of praises and flak. Now, if he gets to plays Salman’s part in the remake of Love, will he be able to pull of the role which needs underplaying of emotions with complete vulnerability towards love?