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Sunday, July 22, 2018

People who hate Sultan Salman Khan are silly: Amit Sadh

In a telephonic conversation with, Amit Sadh, Sultan's supporting actor spoke about Salman Khan and why he considers working with Bhai a life-changing experience.

Written by Eshita Bhargava | New Delhi | Updated: July 27, 2016 11:56:03 am
Amit Sadh Sultan’s Amit Sadh on Salman Khan and why he considers working with Bhai a life-changing experience.

Salman Khan may have walked with top honours for his role in Sultan but supporting actors in the movie made quite an impact too. Amit Sadh was one of them. In a telephonic conversation with, the Kai Po Che actor spoke about Salman and why he considers working with Bhai a life-changing experience.

People have seen you earlier, but after Sultan they want to know who Amit Sadh actually is?
Well, I am no star, they are in the sky and I am also not a celebrity. I am a common man, a simple, normal boy. I believe in working hard. I get up every day and give all that I have. I have given hits like Kai Po Che but some of my movies didn’t do well like Guddu Rangeela but that did not stop me from giving my best.

How has working with small screen helped you?
First of all, we should not call it small screen. People from around the globe watch it. I am grateful to it and have learned a lot from it. It has helped me to grow as an actor.

You don’t have any godfather, so how difficult was it for you to make your presence felt in this industry?
Who said I don’t have a godfather. I have. Both my father and God are in heaven and are blessing me from there. Nothing is easy in life but hard work surely makes it simple. And I have worked really hard and after Sultan, I feel I have been actually blessed.

You said that working with Salman Khan is a life-changing experience. How has it transformed your life?
Every time I meet Sir, it is a life-changing experience. It is just not only about working with him but also meeting him. I learn so much from him and I will continue learning from him. I have never in my life seen such an honest man. Never met anyone so forceful and so dedicated. I was always his fan but now I look up to him. I never had anyone whom I could look up to but again I am lucky to have him in my life.

How is the character of Akash Oberoi from Sultan similar to that of Amit Sadh?
I think this is the first character so far which has so many similarities with me. I am also a loser and the character Akash was also a loser.

Amit Sadh as Salman Khan-starrer Sultan's Akash Oberoi. Amit Sadh as Salman Khan-starrer Sultan’s Akash Oberoi.

What makes you say this?
I am not saying this for sympathy but I feel that I have lost a lot in life. But I take that as a compliment because being a loser to me is that I was in a battle and was working to win it. ‘Insaan harta tab hai jab woh ladta hai’. I have been fighting all my life. This is the first time that I have tasted the flavour of victory. The success of Sultan is my success as well and I am very grateful to all the beautiful people of this country. I sometimes feel ‘Ab poori zindagi sir jhuka ke sabko thank you bolna hai’.

Which is your favourite scene from the movie?
There are a lot but to point one, it will be the first scene I shot with Salman sir where he was practising till 3 am and I enter and tell him that you have fought like a true champion but you should sleep now. You will not believe but I went to my director Ali and told him that you have put me with Salman sir in such a difficult scene and I am so nervous to even stand with him. I am so scared and you are doing this but then sir (Salman Khan) came and made the scene work like magic.

How is Salman Khan as a person? We have heard he has anger issues. Is it true?
He has no anger issues. This is not at all true but obviously, if you will trouble him, he will scold you. He is an honest guy and will never talk about you behind your back rather will tell you things to your face. This is his quality. He is very calm and composed. He is one of the best actors in this country but no one focuses on his methods, his acting skills, the way he executes his character. I have seen him sweat blood in this movie. He works so hard. You know what this man never carries his phone to the shooting set and even I am learning this dedication from him. I personally look up to him. I don’t know why media was never told all this? He has shown me how there are other ways to live life and I am truly grateful to him.

Do you feel that Salman Khan has earned this stardom?
I agree. It’s not fair to call it stardom, rather this is respect. He has always stood up for himself with his head held high even when life was testing him. He did not run away from his mistakes and worked hard to mend it. He knew that one day the world will know that he has a clear heart. He is a pure soul and everyone in this country loves him. Forget this country, the world loves him. I was in a Los Angeles hotel and someone told the bodyguards — who were not even Indians — that Amit Sadh is working with Salman Khan in Sultan and they were Bhai fans. You know what they treated me so well just because of sir. I mean that’s the respect and love he has earned.

There are people who hate him. What is your take on it?
They are silly, ‘Woh nadaan hai’. The day they will understand the real Salman Khan, they will fall in love with him. He has earned something beyond stardom. We have to create a new word for it, probably.

Sultan, sultan box office collections, Sultan movie box office collections Salman Khan’s Sultan has been doing great business at the box office.

Did he gift you his favourite cycle?
I don’t want to talk about it as I consider my relationship with him to be pure and beyond publicity. But now when everyone knows about it, so yes he has been kind enough to gift me his favourite cycle. I realised after getting the gift that even if Salman sir will sneeze, it will make a news. I got the cycle around 4.30, I came back home around 8 and went for my shoot. Around 2.30 I slept and when I woke up I got to know that the cycle is a news now.
Now that I have got the cycle, I told him that ‘Bhai aap cycle to de re hai but apko saath chalani bhi padegi’.

Tell us something about your upcoming projects.
I am working in a movie called Yaara. It is based on a gangster Then I am working on a romantic film with Taapsee Pannu called It is a beautiful movie. I hope people will like me in it.

What will the dream role you want to play?
I want to work in a film based on Captain Vikram Batra who fought for the country in the 1999 Kargil war. He was called Sher Shah. I can kill for this role as I so adore this character. Though I am a very calm person but still.

Finally, tell us if you have a special someone in your life?
Oh, please find one for me. Put a matrimonial advertisement for me. I am tall, dark and a handsome guy with six packs, ‘Kabhi kabhi aath (8) bhi dikhte hai’. I can cook well, katka, jhaadoo, pocha, bartan bhi kar sakta hoo. I can pamper my girl too. What else does one want?

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