Salman Khan explains his outburst at Kushal on Bigg Boss 7

Salman Khan blasted Kushal for his rude behaviour with fellow contestant Tanishaa.

Written by Sunitra Pacheco | Mumbai | Published: October 28, 2013 1:42:21 pm

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan,who was earlier referred to as the bad boy of Bollywood,lost his cool while hosting the reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’ on Saturday.

During the episode Salman Khan,who is usually very friendly with the housemates,blasted Kushal for his rude behaviour with fellow contestant Tanishaa.

The 47-year-old ‘Dabangg’ reprimanded TV actor Kushal for insulting Tanisha and calling her names. Salman Khan did not appreciate Kushal’s personal attacks on Tanisha when he resorted to name calling during the altercation that took place between the duo last week. When Gauahar tried to stand up for Kushal,Salman Khan lost his cool.

Gauahar Khan also called Salman Khan ‘unfair’ for taking Tanishaa’s side and not listening to their version of the story.

By the end of the ‘Bigg Boss’ episode on Saturday,Salman Khan was being called ‘unfair’ by people all over the social media.

People seemed to feel that Salman Khan was being biased to Tanishaa since she is Kajol’s sister and his very close friend Ajay Devgn’s sister-in-law.

Salman Khan then took to the Twitter for his side of the story.

“U see 1 hour I see the whole deal. Guess sm of u guys may not react wen sm 1 speaks to your family ka female members or women in that manner. ‘But I do n most of us men n women stand up against men who run em dwn if this is culture not or culture it better b come.”

On being criticised,the ‘Dabangg’ actor further said it was upto his

fans to decide whether they want to watch the show or not.

“I am only answering your question abt BB b cs u r following me .This is a game. its on tv so I like to keep a check on it. Its a good show to learn how to b physically n mentally strong,the tasks go on fr 48hrs n more. Vit no proper sleep or food.halwa hai kya. The choice is yours if u wanna watch it or not. Sm times people do get carried away in fights,every 1 does n then they sort it out.”

Salman Khan got very agitated and even went on to say that this might be the last season of ‘Bigg Boss’ that he’s hosting because of that very episode.

Gauahar Khan’s sister,actress-model Nigar Khan also took to Twitter and wrote: “Thank much for supporting @GAUAHAR_KHAN in last nite’s epi of #BB7 … Huge respect for Salman ,but yesterday just didn’t seem fair !”

But a few from the film fraternity were of the view that Salman Khan was right in taking up the issue sternly.

Sana Khan,former Bigg Boss contestant and his co-star in ‘Jai Ho’ wrote: “I enjoyed this weekend epi of bb,it was a very fair epi..salman would b the last person on earth to b bias to anyone!!!”

Director Farah Khan wrote: “@BeingSalmanKhan way to go Salman. Agree with you completely.”

Salman Khan’s ‘Pathar Ke Phool’ co-star and a close friend,Raveena Tandon said: “I totally agree! Salman was absolutely fair & nothing justifies.”

Director Kunal Kohli: “Well done @BeingSalmanKhan you truly put Kushal in his place on #BB7.Kushal its not macho to insult a woman,it can be,to say sorry to her.”

Well,we hope things calm down in the Bigg Boss house and outside.

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