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Sajid Khan’s accuser says her ‘heart breaks’ after filmmaker’s attempted comeback via Bigg Boss: ‘Ask yourself, why are you watching?’

A woman who accused director Sajid Khan of inappropriate behaviour during the #MeToo movement has spoken out after he was announced as a contestant on Bigg Boss.

sajid khan sexual harassmentSajid Khan was accused by multiple women of inappropriate behaviour.

One of the over half-a-dozen women who accused filmmaker Sajid Khan of sexual misconduct has spoken out in the wake of his perceived rehabilitation on the reality show Bigg Boss. Sajid was announced as a contestant on the show’s 16th season over the weekend.

In an Instagram post, the woman wrote that the best way to help those who came forward with their stories during the #MeToo movement is to hire them for work, instead of the men they’ve accused. Morals don’t pay the bills, she wrote, adding that she has been bombarded by calls to speak about Sajid joining Bigg Boss. “People want to know my thoughts. What do you think I think?” she asked, adding, “It’s a load of f**king bulls**t” that he has been given such a platform, but it isn’t surprising. “If you really give a s**t, ask yourself why you’re watching,” she wrote.

She added that she has been offered an opportunity to appear on shows like Bigg Boss, but she doesn’t want to allow her story of harassment become entertainment for others.

In the caption of her post, the accuser wrote, “If you are someone that actually, genuinely wants to support the women who spoke up – WORK WITH THEM. You have no idea how hard it is for women to be hired when people in the industry ‘don’t want trouble’ (but will work with the accused). I have friends who chose silence instead, to save their jobs. And if you are someone who spoke up during MeToo, I know how deeply debilitating this is. At first, I thought I wouldn’t speak… honestly, I was conflicted because ‘if you want to work, then don’t bite the hands that feed you’. But f**k that. Bite them harder. Better yet, become the hands that feed yourself.”

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She continued, “My heart breaks a little – it’s been breaking for a while and I’m sure a lot of that is because as you grow older, you realise just how much is wrong with this world. My heart breaks because it’s not easy as a woman. You’re wrong when you speak and you’re wrong when you don’t. My heart breaks because absolutely everywhere in the world – we are fighting a really unfair fight. So how can I possibly give up now? I won’t let your daughter, or mine, be raised in a world like this.”

The accuser had worked with Sajid as an assistant, and alleged that he put her through ‘mental and emotional torture’ for months, calling her at odd hours, demanding inappropriate photos, and asking offensive questions. The harassment reached a point where he allegedly invited her over and suggested that she perform inappropriate actions for him to record.

First published on: 07-10-2022 at 12:26:07 pm
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