Sachin A Billion Dreams Sachin anthem: It will be played when Tendulkar is President, says AR Rahman. Watch video

Sachin A Billion Dreams' Sachin anthem: Sachin tendulkar reveals why his biopic will be essential watching for his billion fans.

Written by Komal RJ Panchal | New Delhi | Published: May 10, 2017 9:02:58 am
sachin a billion dreams, sachin tendulkar, sachin anthem, sachin tendulkar biopic, sachin tendulkar image Sachin A Billion Dreams anthem: Sachin Tendulkar reveals when was the first time he heard Sachin anthem.

Sachin Anthem was launched in Mumbai on Tuesday evening and it hit all the right chords with his fans. Sukhvinder also performed the song live, and Sachin Tendulkar got emotional when he saw the anthem video at the launch. Sachin was asked when was the first time that the Master Blaster heard the ‘Sachin Sachin’ anthem in India for real and the cricket legend said, “I remember my mother would do that, when I was playing downstairs and wouldn’t come home. She would say, ‘Sachin…Sachin upar as jaao (Sachin come back upstairs)’.”

Watch: Sachin Sachin from Sachin A Billion Dreams

It was a beautiful evening where the two greats came together, one was obviously Sachin Tendulkar and the other was music legend, A R Rahman. When Tendulkar was asked if he gave any notes to Rahman after listening to the anthem, Rahman replied, “He (Tendulkar) knows a lot about music.” Sachin interrupted and said, “He (A R Rahman) is just being a good friend. What does one tell him? How can I talk about music in front of him?”

The video of this anthem brings back quite a few memories of the days when Sachin Tendulkar was transforming from a cricket legend into a cricket sensation. Reacting to the video, Sachin said, “Talking about the movie and the life that I have been able to relive through it is simply magnificent and overwhelming. Today, knowing that a movie is being made on my life, and now the Sachin Sachin song that AR has done with Sukhvinder, it’s a formidable combination I would say. I didn’t know ‘Sachin Sachin’ would go beyond my playing days, and here it is now playing in the theatres.” And then A R Rahman added, “I tell him (Sachin Tendulkar) that when he becomes the President, they will play that anthem!”

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When Sachin was asked what is in the film that we don’t already know, he replied, “No, you guys don’t know everything! That’s why this movie. There are so many moments, and the footage that we have been able to capture, and take the footage from my personal account at home which stays in my locker, that footage nobody had access to, it was only for the family and no one else. Being a private person I had to kind of balance that out, I know my fans want to know more about me and I also want to get closer to them by showing the other side of me which they had not seen.” Producer Ravi Bhagchandka​ then added to this, saying, “We watched like 10,000 hours of footage. We have used about 20-25 mins from that.”

According to director James Erskine, “Sachin: A Billion Dreams is a story of Sachin the person, behind Sachin the God. It was a great responsibility as It is a movie about a billion dreams which have touched a billion hearts!”

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