Saaho movie release: Highlights

Saaho movie release: Highlights

Here's what celebrities, critics and fans said about Saaho, starring Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and Chunky Panday among others.

Saaho review
Saaho movie review: All eyes on Prabhas.

Two years after the release of Baahubali: The Conclusion, Prabhas is back on the silver screen with much-anticipated action thriller Saaho. Helmed by Sujeeth, the film also stars Shraddha Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Chunky Panday, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Mandira Bedi, Mahesh Manjrekar, Arun Vijay and Murali Sharma among others.

In Saaho, Prabhas plays an undercover police officer who is out to investigate a robbery of Rs 2000 crore in Mumbai. He fights criminals like a pro and with Hollywood’s action director Kenny Bates directing the action sequences, Saaho promises to be an extravagant spectacle for moviegoers. Shraddha plays Amrita Nair, a crime branch officer and Prabhas’ love interest in the movie.

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Talking about the making of Saaho, Prabhas had said, “For one action scene, the producers spent about Rs 75 crore. World’s best technicians, Kenny Bates and Peng Zhang (Hollywood stunt directors), many masters from India and a lot of planning went into making this film. More than the actors, it was the technical crew that did a lot of planning.”

The film has got a phenomenal advance booking and trade analysts are expecting it to be the biggest film of the year.

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Going by the early estimates, Saaho will open at the box office with a collection of Rs 60-70 crore in all the languages. It is releasing in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.

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'Final 30-45 mins packed with action'

For @Srinu_Rasamalla, Saaho is a a good watch.  His tweet read, "#Saaho #Tollywood movie 💪
1st half - intro & Interval twist 👌 2nd half - Superb & final 30-45 mins is packed actions from #Prabhas Proud to say Telugu maker's @madhie1 DOP great, @sujeethsign gud job @GhibranOfficial BGM 👌👌 @UV_Creations @ShraddhaKapoor"

'Prabhas is only saving grace'

@MohanPaul7 tweeted, "Totally unconvincing movie with boring screenplay... Only saving grace is #Prabhas and action sequences.. Strictly one time watchable #Saaho #Saahoreview #SaahoInCinemas"

'Don't get bothered by negative reviews'

Nagesh V under the Twitter user name of @nageshvchethan wrote, "I'm totally don't know why this much of negative reviews for #Saaho movie it's not a disaster movie action VFX making was extraordinary with brilliant acting by #Prabhas and @ShraddhaKapoor so don't bothered about negative reviews go watch in ur nearest theatre @SaahoOfficial"

'Definitely watchable'

@nadupuri tweeted, "#Saaho Watched Saaho for d 2nd time on IMAX Screen. For some reason, I felt it a bit better thn d 1st time watch.Definitely Watchable. 🔥 Special mention for BGM. It's extraordinary frm Ghibran 🔥 Stunt sequences well Choreographed apart frm few tacky VFXscenes Watch it on IMAX"

'Clever screenplay'

@Im_rakesh3 tweeted, "Finally #saaho movie is full of twists n little bit confusion... But content is well #strongacting #powerfulvisuals #actionpacked I hope all must enjoy it... Last climax 30mins is goosebumps... It's such ah brilliant and clever screenplay..."

'Best Indian action movie'

@rr26official tweeted, "#Saahoreview Hogya I.. watching #Saaho Best ever Indian action,thriller pack movie I have ever watched Top ka action tha.. 💥 Interval and pre climax action sequences murderrr masss🔥 best visuals💕 Wishing the entire team A Huge Blockbuster👍 #Saahoreview ⭐⭐⭐⭐"

'Prabhas' Hindi is terrible'

A Twitter used named, @RaoJac wrote, "#Saaho #Saahoreview flop flop flop... We now know actors are not above the script and director.  Prabhas hindi terrible. U can't sit in theatre. Dailogue like : kya karai wo...laughable...acting 0. Saara Bahubali ka mazaa kirkira kar diya"

'Indian cinema has learned how to execute world class action'

@BHASKARAGNIHOT tweeted, "Seeing what happened with #Saaho I just hope #War is something that really matches the hype it has generated.Indian Cinema has learned how to execute World Class Action Sequences,we have top technicans,VFX experts but we still need to learn how to develop Stories,Ideas,Execution."

Saaho: Our verdict

The Indian Express film critic Shubhra Gupta wrote in her Saano review, "Prabhas is perfectly suited to throwing sharp things at tattooed guys built like trucks, and mowing down a phalanx of heavies without expending too much effort. And he does have an ability to underplay and be droll."

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'Fantastic Action'

@SKNonline wrote on Twitter, "Liked the fantastic action part (Never before in any Indian film) #Prabhas screen presence & thrilling twists of #Saaho film last 30 mins is fantastic @UV_Creations making standards are international level. WATCH the action on big screens."

'Sahoo opens with bumper occupancy'

Sumit Kadel shared earlier today, "#Sahoo Opens with BUMPER occupancy at the box office. AP/TL- 90-95% occupancy. TN/Kerela/Karnataka- 50-60% occupancy. North hindi belt (Hindi lang)- 40% occupancy."

'Best ever Indian action movie'

"Done watching #Saaho. Best ever Indian action movie I have ever watched. Top notch action sequences💥. Interval and pre climax action sequences murderrr masss🔥. Best directing with best visuals💕. Wishing the entire team A Huge Blockbuster👍. #Saahoreview," tweeted @anandasam_.

'Pathetic VFX in the entire film'

Sumit Kadel wrote on his Twitter account, "It would be a researching subject for all the trade analysts to figure out ₹ 350 cr budget spent on what? Pathetic VFX in the entire film. Torture of Highest proportion #Saaho is."

'Visuals are breathtaking'

"#Saahoreview Early : End of 1st half and yes #Saaho is definitely worth of the hype. Visuals are breathtaking and the interval bang is awesome. #Prabhas carries his macho image and is excellent and @ShraddhaKapoor too performs well. Supporting cast too are good esp. @apnabhidu," wrote @FilmlineReview on Twitter.

'Saaho should be kept in the Hollywood’s museum'

Kamaal R Khan wrote on his Twitter account, "#Saaho is such a fantastic film that it should be kept in the Hollywood’s museum as a sign of worst film ever made in the history of this world. A challenge should be given to script writers around the world that whoever will understand it during next 100Yrs, will get ₹2000Cr."

'Overly long'

Kaushik LM shared via his Twitter account, "#Saaho 2nd half - The final 30-45 mins is packed with all the action we expect, with 'boom' & 'showtime' moments from #Prabhas. The action scenes are over the top, highly ambitious & border on superhuman. Lotsa twists, turns. @GhibranOfficial's pulsating BGM👌🔥 Overly long!" He also added,"#Saaho - Apart from #Prabhas (in a swag-macho role with many mysterious shades to thrill his fans till the very end), @arunvijayno1 also scores high in another unpredictable character.. @NeilNMukesh gets his scoring moments too." Kaushik LM suggests, "#Saaho -Better to go and watch the film without taking in any of the huge pre-release expectations and hype. Also, it'll be better to avoid comparing the film's action with Hollywood biggies. The lonngg runtime is also a drawback; the team could've trimmed off the romance & stuff."

Saaho: Our verdict

The Indian Express film critic Shubhra Gupta gave Saaho one and a half stars. She wrote in her review, "Everything a thriller needs is in here. You settle down to a non-stop, breathless, firing-from-all-cylinders ride. But Saaho turns out to be a damp squib."

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'Tedious and Tiresome'

@MovieCrow took to Twitter to share, "#SaahoReview - Tedious and Tiresome. Too many paperboard characters with unclear characterization and motivation. Confusing screenplay is marred by relentless action sequences. Prabhas' presence lacks the spark."

'Prabhas just nailed it'

@KollywoodStreet posted on Twitter, "#Saahoreview 3.75/5. First Half slow and pre intervel is just Awesome. Second Half Highly packaged with Action👌 #Prabhas Just Nailed it ! Sureshot Blockbuster #Saaho #SaahoMania #WorldSaahoDay #Sahoo."

'Confusing Story'

"#Saaho is 2019 BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT. Plus- Prabhash Screen presence ; Minus- bad performances of too many characters ,Confusing Story, Extremely boring laughable screenplay,mediocre action ,terrible direction & so many bad songs. Watch at your own risk. Rating- ⭐️
#SaahoReview," wrote Sumit Kadel on his Twitter account.

'Awesome Action scenes'

Sathish Kumar M tweeted, "#Saaho Extraordinary visuals, Awesome Action scenes, Mass Hero - not sufficient enough to engage the audience. Script is always the King. Director misses once in a lifetime opportunity #Saahoreview."

Saaho first half quick review's Komal says, "Saaho has fantastic and very smooth action sequences. The film is not bad at all even though it has a corny love story. Prabhas is so raw and sensual. He just fits right in every frame as the superstar that he has become. Very entertaining!"

Saaho is a stylish let down

Rohit Jaiswal took to Twitter to share, "My astrologer told me months ago that I can meet an accident by end of August this year, I took his advice too lightly, and now I am going to hospital for my further treatment.. #Saaho is a STYLISH LET DOWN PATHETIC FILM, its a 350cr budget CANCER.. 1*/5 #Saahoreview #Prabhas."

'A colossal waste of talent, big money and opportunity'

Taran Adarsh wrote on his Twitter account, "#OneWordReview...#Saaho: UNBEARABLE. Rating: ⭐½ A colossal waste of talent, big money and opportunity... Weak story, confusing screenplay and amateur direction. 👎👎👎 #SaahoReview."

'One-time watch'

Ramesh Bala said via Twitter, "#Saaho : #Prabhas has given his best.. He has satisfied everyone.. Action sequences though done on a grand scale, lack the fizz.. @ShraddhaKapoor looks great and has done well.. Screenplay could have been tighter.. Interval and climax twist work well.. One-time watch!"

'Prabhas showcases a lot of charm, swag and humor'

Kaushik LM shared via Twitter, "#Saaho 1st half - #Prabhas steals the show & holds the film on his own. It's a mysterious character, and he showcases a lot of charm, swag & humor. As expected, we get cops, robbers & the Mafia world. But #Darling is the only one who stands tall. @ShraddhaKapoor does a neat job."

'The black box has opened up'

Neil Nitin Mukesh shared via his Twitter account, "The #blackbox has opened up , the secrets and mysteries are ready to unfold. Enter the world of #SAAHO people. #Prabhas @ShraddhaKapoor @evelyn_sharma @bindasbhidu @ChunkyThePanday."

Sushanth A: Wishing only the best to the team of Saaho

Saaho quick review's Antara says, "Saaho is too long. It has too many characters, plotlines and villains. It's confusing and tedious. I wish it was worth the hype but it's really not."

"It’s Saaho Day guys," tweets Evelyn Sharma

'Saaho is a watchable film with enough twists and turns'

@Forumkeralam1 tweeted, "Keeping away the hype and expectations #Saaho is a watchable film with enough twists and turns coupled with terrific action blocks though it goes overboard a bit.Technically a superior product with Prabhas shining in the lead character."

'Saaho's action scenes are on par with some Hollywood films'

A user @unknownid474 posted on his Twitter, "#Saaho is not a regular commercial film but a film with great screenplay. Action scenes are on par with some Hollywood films.There is a big suprise about #Prabhas character. Evelyn Sharma's character is main asset. ⭐⭐⭐⭐. Finally, Shraddha Kapoor 🤘🤘👌👌."

'Saaho to be a tremendous blockbuster'

Devi Sri Prasad tweeted, "Wishing Our DARLINGGGG #PRABHAS ‘s #Saaho to be a Tremendous BLOCKBUSTERRR in all the languages and all over the WORLD !!! All d best to the entire Team @UV_Creations Director #Sujeeth @ShraddhaKapoor @TSeries @GuruOfficial @Shankar_Live. Cant wait to watch it !!! 😁😁👍🏻👍🏻🎵🎹."

'One word B-L-O-C-K-B-U-S-T-E-R'

@vinaypemmasani tweeted, "#Saaho One word!!! B-L-O-C-K-B-U-S-T-E-R!!! 🎉 Hats off to the 28 year old Sujeeth! 🙏🏻 Best Action Sequences for Indian Screen! Ghibran BGM, Visuals are breathtaking! Pacy Screenplay with Twists & Turns brring a few scenes here and there! Climax 30 min is Goosebumps stuff!"

'Prabhas showcases a lot of charm, swag and humor'

Kaushik LM shared via Twitter, "#Saaho 1st half - #Prabhas steals the show & holds the film on his own. It's a mysterious character, and he showcases a lot of charm, swag & humor. As expected, we get cops, robbers & the Mafia world. But #Darling is the only one who stands tall. @ShraddhaKapoor does a neat job."

Fans pour milk on Prabhas cut-out in Hyderabad

'Shraddha Kapoor has a good role'

Ramesh Bala posted on his Twitter account, "#Saaho 1st Half : Its #Prabhas show all the way.. He dominates the proceedings so far.. Mass interval twist.. Good action sequences so far.. I guess the spectacular ones r reserved for 2nd half.. @ShraddhaKapoor has a good role.. @arunvijayno1 is 👌 2nd half is key!"

Fans in Hyderabad celebrate the release of Saaho

Arun Vijay asks all to 'enter into the world of Saaho'

'Watch India's biggest action film'

Actor Manchu Manoj tweeted, "And the wait is over. Wishing a blockbuster success to Rebel star #Prabhas, @sujeethsign @ShraddhaKapoor & the entire team of #Saaho. Go watch India's biggest action film in your nearest theaters! #SaahoFeverEverywhere #SaahoDay."

Talking to, Prabhas shared the meaning of the film's title and what made him say yes to it. "We say Jai-ho, right? Saaho is something similar along those lines. Sujeeth narrated the story even before the Baahubali release. I liked the compelling screenplay, which is full of twists and turns. For every ten minutes, you’ll have a ‘surprise’. Of course, we’ve taken a few cinematic liberties here and there. I believed in Sujeeth. Saaho is his second film, but he was never tense. He’s a cool guy," he said.

Prabhas Shraddha Kaopoor

Prabhas starrer Saaho marks Shraddha Kapoor's South Cinema debut.

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Shraddha Kapoor, who also trained for intense action sequences for Saaho, had shared how she enjoyed the thrill of doing them. She said, "This is the first time I am doing this kind of action. It was on another level all together. It was amazing as we always had experts on sets. It was more adventurous than scary. Since it is the biggest action film from India, the action sequences in the film are in true sense unbelievable. Now, I leave it for people to see it to believe it."