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With Stree, Rooh-Afza and Munja, I am building my own horror comedy universe: Dinesh Vijan

Luka Chuppi producer Dinesh Vijan revealed that his plan is to create a horror-comedy universe in Bollywood with Stree, Rooh-Afza and a third film titled Munja. Dinesh is reuniting with Rajkummar Rao in Rooh-Afza.

dinesh vijan producer stree
After Stree, Dinesh Vijan teaming up with Rajkummar Rao once again in Rooh-Afza.

Producer Dinesh Vijan on Wednesday revealed that he is building a horror comedy universe in Bollywood, with Rooh-Afza being the second film in the trilogy. The first movie, Stree, starring Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor, emerged as one of the biggest hits of 2018. And Dinesh is reuniting with Rajkummar in Rooh-Afza.

On the sidelines of promoting his next production Luka Chuppi in New Delhi, Dinesh exclusively shared with indianexpress.com, “Rooh-Afza is a complete departure from Stree. It is a horror comedy, but it’s different officially. It’s mad. With every film, you have to pump it up. If I had immediately gone for a Stree 2, it would have been too early. What I am trying to do is I am trying to build my own horror comedy universe. So there is a team that developed Stree. There is a team which has developed Rooh-Afza. And then there is going to be a third one called Munja. There are three different characters. In Munja, the ghost is male. This is after Rooh-Afza. It is the third part (in the horror comedy universe). So when Stree was ready, Rooh-Afza’s script was being worked on. Now, Rooh-Afza goes on floors and Munja’s script is ready. Munja has not been cast as yet.”

Stree, filmmaker Amar Kaushik, Rajkummar Rao, Shraddha Kapoor, national treasure Pankaj Tripathi
Stree, starring Rajkummar Rao, Shraddha Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi and Aparshakti Khurana was one of the biggest hits of 2018.

Dinesh Vijan further revealed that all his three horror comedies will cross paths at some point of time. “The idea is that all these three films will go in their part twos, where they all meet each other for a bit and then they will all come together for a finale. So that was the intent from the very beginning. So there were three different teams which were working on them,” the producer said.

On Wednesday, Dinesh’s team officially announced Rooh-Afza starring Rajkummar and Varun Sharma. Its female lead is yet to be finalised. While Stree was loosely based on the legend of Nale Ba, Dinesh agreed that Roof-Afza was also inspired from a folklore.


“The legend of Rooh-Afza is crazy that in the fictional town of Moradabad on the day of the wedding, the groom is not allowed to sleep. People pinch and disturb him so that he doesn’t sleep, and at the same time a chudail comes and sings a lullaby in his ears. And in case he sleeps, the chudail (witch) enters the body of his wife. So, basically after the wedding, the wife becomes a chudail. That’s the basic idea. But there’s a lot more to it. There’s a crime plot too. In Munja, it is the reverse. There, Munja, the ghost, is looking for his bride. It is the other way around. So, these are the three film which I am dappling with,” Dinesh added.

Rooh-Afza will be co-produced by Dinesh and Fukrey franchise fame Mrighdeep Lamba. It will go on floors soon.