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Feroz Khan’s hilarious RDX is how the millennials will always remember him

Feroz Khan was known for being the suave actor who had women swooning over him but for the current generation, he will always be remembered for playing RDX in Welcome.

remembering feroz khan on his death anniversary
The millennials remember Feroz Khan as RDX from the comedy film Welcome.

For the generation that grew up watching Indian cinema in the 1970s and the 1980s, Feroz Khan was the actor who personified elegance. His charm, his suave demeanour and his attitude in the movies was what attracted the audience to the theatres and garnered him a huge fan following. But the millennials know him in a dramatically different way. For them, he is still remembered for his best comic performance till date, RDX in Welcome. Welcome also happened to be his last film appearance.

RDX from Welcome has become a desi pop culture entity now. Quoting his dialogues and imitating his style has become an accepted norm and all the credit for the same goes to Feroz Khan. In a film full of hilarious characters performed by some great actors, RDX is truly memorable. Welcome isn’t one of the modern day classics but it qualifies for what we call great entertainment that gives some laughs.

Anil Kapoor’s Majnu and Nana Patekar’s Uday Shetty are fearful of their boss RDX and while he does not indulge in buffoonery like the other two, he still makes us laugh with his eccentric actions. His presence as the underworld don is commanding yet he has the flair to make you laugh by his dialogue delivery.

RDX plays a pivotal role in the comic caper and I truly believe that the only reason why Welcome Back isn’t as funny as its prequel is because Feroz Khan’s RDX could not be a part of the film.


In the hilariously epic climax of the film, when RDX is fooled into believing that his son is dead, his fatherly side comes forth and though he delivers his lines completely in character, the comedy of errors makes it for a great scene.

In a career of over four decades, Feroz Khan did few comic roles but when he, in fact, stepped into the shoes of a character who was pivotal in an Anees Bazmee film, he completely owned it. Welcome was his last film appearance and over the years with various satellite re-runs, this film has become a staple in many households and RDX has become one of the most popular characters that Feroz Khan ever did.