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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Ranveer Singh: SRK has worked for 25 years and I’ve been around for just five years. Where is the comparison?

Ranveer Singh said, "There is no comparison at all between me and Shah Rukh Khan. There has never been anyone like him."

Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: December 25, 2015 12:00:53 pm
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Ranveer Singh is in seventh heaven and rightly so. Bajirao Mastani has hit the bull’s eye and making the victory sweeter (although they are not ready to officially admit it) is the fact that they have stolen a march over Goliath Dilwale at the box-office. When we met Ranveer Singh at YRF studios, the man was in an ebullient mood singing, dancing and his chest puffed up with an appearance of little pride. So happy was the actor that he left his chair and sat right in the centre of the table for his interview.

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While the movie has been lapped up by the audience, it was at a special screening held for the industry elders a day before its release when Ranveer realized that he was part of a special film. The reaction received from the veterans of the industry floored the actor. “The seniors of the industry like Rekha, Madhuri Dixit, Tabu, Hrithik Roshan saw it and they said many heartfelt stuff. I knew that this was a film that our team had put our lives into. So we felt an emotional catharsis to see our work manifest onscreen. I had a feeling that the film would do well when they said that the film will connect with the audience. Then critical review started coming in and I was like damn. But I was waiting for the audience reaction to come in. That day I went to Chandan cinema and watched the film with the audience, I was like wow. There is no greater pleasure than watching your movie with people who you make it for. When the song Malhari started playing, people started dancing, clapping and whistling. At that moment for me, the film erupted.”

Ranveer Singh although not oblivious to comparisons being drawn with SRK is not too fond of talks that say he has beaten King Khan and Dilwale. While audience reviews conducted by us saw many remarking how Ranveer had outshone SRK’s performance.

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Ranveer doesn’t think he comes closer to SRK in terms of acting. “SRK has got too much depth and range in acting. Whatever we have seen till now is just the tip of the iceberg. I said this about Kareena Kapoor recently and it got misconstrued completely. Why are they stars? It is because they are actors first. They are able to portray various emotions on screen and connect to people’s hearts. And it is unfortunate both films came on the same day. There is no comparison at all between me and SRK. His contribution to Hindi cinema is unparalleled and unmatched. There has never been anyone like him. I was hanging out with him yesterday at Stardust awards. We hung out for a while and he is so humble and grounded. The way he used to meet me when I was a newcomer, he meets me the same way even today. There is equal warmth and love. We don’t discuss films or performances. We talk random rubbish. I can’t tell you what we spoke but I can say that Srk is a riot to be with. I have worked for five years and he has worked for 25 years. That is five times the number of years I have worked. So there is no comparison.”

Post the celebrations of Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer will jump into a light-hearted romance with Befikre that will see him being directed by his mentor Aditya Chopra.

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Expressing joy at being Aditya’s muse, Ranveer Singh shared, “Aditya wants me to prep for three months for this light romance which will be shot in Paris. It’s a huge deal for me to be working with Aditya sir. He has only worked with SRK. There was a time when people would tell him that he has gone crazy for signing and launching a newcomer like me. How can you take this boy? What do you see in him, they would tell him. And Aditya sir would tell them to STFU (Shut the f**K up). I know what I have found and I am launching him as the first solo hero lead of YRF, he would say. He had this singular conviction and faith in me. He told me that when he saw my first audition, in one flash he could see my entire career unfolding.”

For the moment, Ranveer Singh just wants to soak and feel the success of Bajirao Mastani and enjoy the New Year. Will he spend it with Deepika, he won’t say. And neither does he want to talk about anyone else for the moment. “I am not giving you any headlines about anyone else other than me, ” said a smiling Ranveer before signing off.

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