Ranbir Kapoor film Jagga Jasoos has a special connection with AbRam. Watch the actor explaining it himselfhttps://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/ranbir-kapoor-jagga-jasoos-abram-aib-watch-video-4754926/

Ranbir Kapoor film Jagga Jasoos has a special connection with AbRam. Watch the actor explaining it himself

Did you know, when Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif started shooting for Jagga Jasoos, AbRam was born. That's how the makers and producers kept track of how many years the film took to be completed. Watch more fun facts Ranbir revealed in this All India Bakchod video.

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Ranbir Kapoor had started shooting for Jagga Jasoos when AbRam was just born.

Ranbir Kapoor recently promoted Jagga Jasoos in one of the videos of the All India Bakchod. While talking about success, failure, nepotism and his role as a producer in the video, he also shared a cute connection with Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest kid, AbRam. Jagga Jasoos took moore than three years to be completed.

“Actually the inside joke was AbRam was born when the time we started the shooting of the film, so we were counting the time by his age,” he told the four comedians.

The actor also revealed that he often lied to people when he was shooting for the film. When people would ask him, he would tell them that he was shooting for Tamasha, Bombay Velvet but hardly mentioned Jagga Jasoos in case the people misunderstood him.

“Whenever I was shooting for Jagga Jasoos, I used to never tell people that I am shooting for a different film because I was tired of explaining about the delay. I can’t really defend the film every time. So I was like, I am doing Tamasha, some patch work and etc.,” he said.


Ranbir Kapoor also confessed that he thinks producing a film was a big mistake and that he is done with coming of age films. At one point even Khamba, who was one of the hosts uttered, “Ranbir I’m not sure if you’re promoting your film or….,” he followed with a laugh.

Ranbir also openly asked what is mansplaining. The actor was unaware that such a thing existed and had a proper name. After the four comedians explained what mansplaining is, Ranbir defended himself that he only tried to talk because he felt he is the producer and since he has watched the film, he would know better. The comedians reminded him that it is still called masplaining!