There’s not just ‘a Harvey Weinstein’ in Hollywood, there are many: Priyanka Chopra addresses the issue of sexual harassment

There’s not just ‘a Harvey Weinstein’ in Hollywood, there are many: Priyanka Chopra addresses the issue of sexual harassment

Priyanka Chopra spoke about the existence of the 'big boys club' which tries to boycott women. She also mentioned that the Harvey Weinstein problem isn't specific to just one individual. In fact, many men of this kind exist everywhere in the world and it's high time women start speaking against them.

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Priyanka Chopra speaks up against workplace harassment.

Priyanka Chopra is an international superstar. After a successful stint in Hindi cinema, Priyanka started taking up projects in Hollywood and her successful TV series, Quantico, has contributed a lot to her fame in the West. Priyanka has already made her Hollywood debut with Baywatch and will soon be seen in her next Hollywood film, A Kid Like Jake.

Priyanka has had enough experience in the world of show business to know how the glamour world functions and she isn’t the one to mince words when it comes to calling out anything unfair that happens. Recently, Priyanka Chopra was a panelist at ‘The Marie Claire Power Trip’ where she spoke about the existence of many Weinsteins around the world.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has encouraged many women to come forth and share their experiences of work place harassment and celebrities have openly condemned this sexist culture in the world of show business. Priyanka said, “There is not just ‘a Harvey Weinstein’ in Hollywood, there are many. It happens everywhere.”

She added, “It is not about sex, it is about power. About putting a woman in ‘her lane’. For the longest time women have been told only one of us will survive. Only the best girl will get the job. But that just can’t be tolerated anymore.”


Priyanka was extremely vocal about the ways women have been harassed for ages and made it a point to say that these ways will not be tolerated anymore. The assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein are rising every single day and this has given women the power to come out and speak about their personal experiences as well.

Priyanka acknowledged the existence of the ‘big boys club’ in the business and said, “In our business, if you don’t stroke someone’s ego, or network, you’re threatened that you’ll not get that movie. Or this ‘big boys club’ will get together and boycott you. So, as a woman you feel alone, that my work might get shattered, because this club can just take that away.”

Priyanka was further asked if there was a Weinstein in India as well and to this Priyanka said, “I don’t think there’s ‘a’ Weinstein. I don’t even think there’s one Weinstein in Hollywood. There are a lot more men, and not just in India, but everywhere else. Just men trying to take away power.”

Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie and Lupita Nyong’o are just few of the actresses who were sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein.