Preity Zinta gets brutally honest, talks about ‘perverts’

Preity Zinta talked about how she began her journey and then went on to become a successful actress.

Written by Apurva Singh , Edited by Sarika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: May 14, 2014 1:33:46 pm
Preity Zinta was on a tweeting spree. Preity Zinta was on a tweeting spree.

Bollywood actress and IPL team Kings XI Punjab’s co-owner Preity Zinta was on a tweeting spree on Tuesday. The dimpled beauty talked about how she began her journey and then went on to become a successful actress.

Preity Zinta said she wanted to do movies for becoming ‘financially independent’ and treated acing like any other job. She said, “When I got into movies I never thought I would be a big star. Just wanted 2 get it right & be financially independent. It was a job after all.”

Preity Zinta, who hails from small hill station Shimla in Himachal Prdesh, said post her success in the film industry she was never her real self. “As I became famous i was required 2 forget who i am & become the image I portray. People changed around me even though i tried hard to be me,” she said.

She then tweeted that she is not even allowed to age or be sad or even crib. “Everyday i try to fight my PERFECT IMAGE & cling to the real me. Expectations grow & I’m not allowed 2 age, be sad, crib or have a bad day !” shared Preity.

“I MUST smile all the time, be perfectly behaved, let any1 say or write anything about me even if its not true & be grateful that I’m famous. I’ve few friends as most people only want 2know me cuz Im famous & not4 who I am. I’m admired like a trophy & must always shine & be perfect. I cannot have a pimple, put on weight or cover my face when photographers aim bright flashes at me in the dark & scare the hell out of me. Big crowds make me nervous & men grab me 2touch me yet i cannot react cuz after all they are my fans ! Agreed… But am i not a woman too?,” said Preity speaking her heart out.

The actress also mentioned about men who wanted to date her but their ego comes in between. “Men want 2date me & own me yet their egoes cannot handle that i overshadow them & make them insecure. Ladies n Gentleman this is a Celebrity,” said Preity.

“Perverts morph my face over half naked bodies & circulate it on da net & defame me & my modesty yet i MUST not complain cuz im a celebrity,” Preity Zinta said about her images being morphed.

Wrapping it up, the ‘Veer-Zara’ actress said that she was speaking on behalf of all celebrities.

“Hope ur getting seriously uncomfortable & emotional by my brutal honesty? 2day i dont speak as me but as da collective voice of Celebrities. If ur feeling bad 4 us dont get too sad cuz we can shop till we drop & buy everything money can buy again & again! Hahahahahah :-) ting,” she said.

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