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I am beginning to enjoy acting now: Prakash Jha

Writer-director-producer Prakash Jha is back with a short film Justaju The Longing. This time though he is acting in it. The movie revolves around Valmiki (played by Prakash Jha) who discovers his cure amidst pain during his old age.

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The short film Justaju The Longing is now out on Youtube. Prakash Jha plays the lead role. (Photo: The Express Archive)

Q. Tell us about the short film. What was the idea behind choosing “loneliness” as your subject?

While I really connected with the subject on many levels, it was a script that came to me. So, the choice of subject came from the writer-director. Of course, I made the choice to be a part of the film, but that was about it.

Q. You are a prolific writer, producer and one of the best known directors. You have acted in this short film after a long gap. Why don’t you also take up acting often?

I am completely open to it actually. In fact, whenever something exciting comes along, I am happy to be a part of it. For this short film also, when the writer and director came to me, I immediately fell for the script and the way he had written the character and wanted to portray it. It was an instant decision for me to do it. So, I am completely upbeat about acting, and I am waiting for stories and subjects that leave me happy and satisfied.


Q. You have left the climax open-ended, without any specific message. What was the idea behind it?

I won’t say that the film is open ended per say. There is a hint that the writer director sort of leaves us with. If you watch the film, you will know that despite its indistinct ending, the film doesn’t lack closure. The idea therefore was to invoke emotions in the audience, and to say a story. The film is not trying to give a message or a moral lesson through its climax. One leaves the film at a place that can lead to many possibilities, making the experience more fulfilling as an audience. So obviously that will differ with the interpretation of each. But that is the fun of it.

Q. Apart from writing and directing, what else do you enjoy doing more?

I am beginning to enjoy acting now.

Q. There is a line in the movie Life kya hai? (What is life?) How do you look at life?

I am extremely positive when it comes to life. I try to live each day at the fullest, and learn from each day. Passion and zeal are extremely important.

Q. What do you think about today’s actors? Is there anything you would like to share with budding artistes?

I am not an acting coach as such, but it is important that they enjoy doing what they are doing. That wins half the battle and smoothens everything up. It’s a fine art and each one has to understand it individually. As far the craft or the technique is concerned, one must know about it. But it is important that you find the character you are playing within yourself. That’s about it.

Q. You have been in the industry for so long. Who is your favourite actor?

Al Pacino is my favourite actor of all time.

Q. As someone who has been directing for so long and working with many prominent and talented actors, what do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind while making a film?

The writing. The story. The narrative. The script on the whole. What you are trying to say, what is it you are trying to communicate through the film, and also the way you say it. That is the most important thing while treading on a film journey.

Q. Tell us about your upcoming projects.


I am working on new films. My company is working on a new series. So, there is couple of exciting things happening. Let’s see how they come along.