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Friday, May 29, 2020

Poorna: Rahul Bose’s film reminds us no mountain is too high to climb

Rahul Bose take a bow for Poorna. But Poorna Malavath and Aditi Inamdar deserve a special round of applause too.

Written by Samarpita Das | New Delhi | Updated: March 31, 2017 6:47:41 pm
Rahul Bose, Poorna, Aditi Inamdar Rahul Bose’ film Poorna tells the story of a girl who was the first teenager to climb Mt Everest.

Rahul Bose had promised a special prize if you watch Poorna and do not come out teary eyes. It looks like he has set a huge challenge for his audience. On coming out from the show, you feel confused who should we thank more — Poorna for proving ‘ladkiyan kuch bhi kar sakti hai’ or Aditi Inamdar for depicting such an amazing Poorna. As soon as the show ended, all eyes were on Aditi and Poorna. Their mothers, who were also present at the event, were widely appreciated by the teary-eyed audience for giving them both an opportunity and not constraining them within the four walls of the house.

“It’s an inspiring film, it tells the story of the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest — a true story with a few changes for cinematic purposes. It is special for what it has done, it actually evokes rather brilliantly the triumphs, the hopes and the fears that accompany such an amazing achievement. The little girl who plays Poorna, Aditi, is an amazingly talented actress. She lives the part, in fact at one point of time I really felt that maybe she really is Poorna, then I later found out Poorna is also there and I met Poorna as well. The story is very well told, Rahul is an incredibly talented director, and I think this maybe the beginning of a long directorial career for somebody whom we only know as an actor,” said Shashi Tharoor, who was one of the guests at a special screening said.



He had an interesting question for Aditi — if she was planning to go back to mountain climbing again? He also asked Poorna Malavath how was her experience while climbing Mount Everest, that’s when Rahul Bose revealed that she had seen six dead bodies while climbing in real life.

In the film, the audio of the most joyous moments has been muted. On asking Rahul Bose why he muted those portions in the film, he said, “Do you know there was a press screening in Delhi and a journalist came running out saying sound gaya. I thought, oh my god, what if everyone goes running outside shouting sound gaya. There will be chaos.”

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He then spoke about his reason for going silent, “I believe the audience’s imagination for love making, kissing and stuff like this is always much more vivid than what you can show. So I just decided to cut the sound out.”

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