Permanent Roommates fame Nidhi Singh steps into Bollywood with Brij Mohan Amar Rahe, says ‘I don’t burden myself with expectations’

Actor Nidhi Singh's claim to face was the web-series Permanent Roommates. Her last as Tanya from Permanent Roommates won hearts across the country. Soon, Nidhi announced her Bollywood project, Brij Mohan Amar Rahe. From web-series to silver screen, Nidhi speaks about the transition that happened overnight.

Written by A. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Published: August 13, 2017 10:23:43 am
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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Nidhi Singh and Sumeet Vyas are two actors who gained immense popularity with their characters of Tanya and Mikesh from the TVF web-series Permanent Roommates. The series came to an end, making their fans sad and crib about it but then the two have brought a smile on fans’ faces with a big announcement. As Sumeet is making his grand entry in Bollywood with Veere Di Wedding opposite Kareena Kapoor Khan, Nidhi Singh has bagged a role in Drishyam Film’s production Brij Mohan Amar Rahe.

In an exclusive conversation with, Nidhi spoke about how all of it literally happened one fine night. “This was before I began shooting for the second schedule of the other film I am a part of. I got a call out of the blue during the mid-night. I was told the project is bankrolled by Drishyam films, I knew they have produced a film like Masaan. I knew they were upto something interesting so i wanted to take a chance.”

Nidhi Singh continued about how she was sure that this project has come to her because someone else must have backed out, “I thought someone must have backed out or something because late might calls usually happen when you are the filmmakers last minute choice.” But Nidhi said that the moment she heard the narration, she was sure that she is going to be a part of it. “Next day, I met the director, Nikhil Bhatt. He narrated the story. I was sold. All of this happened during the first week of December and after two weeks, I was in Delhi shooting for the film.”

While she stayed tight-lipped about her character details, Nidhi said people will be looking at her differently after the film. But when asked if there is any sort of pressure since she has tasted success with her portrayal of Tanya in Permanent Roommates, the actor quipped, “You don’t approach anything with a burden, with a fact that now world sees you like this because you will limit yourself, your art. Every character will have its own destiny, you can’t restrict yourself because of that. You have to move on. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t regard what you’ve done and what people love you for. But there are people who love you for your act, so it is your responsibility to make them see what all you are capable of. And how you can surprise them. Having said that, it is a hard pressure space.”

Talking about how she feels her fans would react, Nidhi said she has been in touch with her fans and knows that they are very supportive of whatever she chooses to do. “I don’t burden myself with expectations. I have been like this before becoming an actor. For me, if I am doing my job right, I want to work and aim for it. I believe, I know my fans and they are very supportive of me. Also, I am authentic about who I am. I keep my fans in touch, if you visit my social accounts you won’t see me pretending to be someone else.”

Now that she is debuting in Bollywood, would Nidhi stay away from web-series, “The medium doesn’t matter, the script does. When we did permanent roommates, it was an experiment. We did not know what would happen. That time, short duration videos were in. When we were working on it, we got on board because of lovely story, brilliant team and hence it became what it did. So, I look for the same thing when I collaborate for any project,” Nidhi answered.

While Nidhi is all set to get away with being known as Tanya, she also spoke about the kind of actor she believes she is. When asked if letting go of a character is easy for her, Nidhi said, “It varies depending on what I am playing. There are times when you don’t know or experienced anything about the character. Even the people around you don’t know much about it. For me, the more I study my character, I know her better. And yes, I do create a backstory because that is like putting in life in the character.”

“Sometimes it is difficult, if there is a tragedy with a character, it does linger on. As actors, I feel we romanticise melancholy, so I try to snap back of it in my own way. Do something out of the box, travel or jump on other character. It is a people based job, you feel the emotion your character goes through. You can’t say that you weren’t affected,” she continued.

Lastly, Nidhi talked about how web-series have come a long way. While it started as an experiment, now people are actually getting monetary benefits out of it.

“I think whatever works, people like to put their money into it. It’s a new platform which is attracting audience. So, it’s a lucrative place. Budgets are getting bigger. So yes, can say that in terms of monetary benefit, web has become better but there is also a long way to go,” concluded the actor.

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