Parineeti Chopra discusses love,relationships

Parineeti Chopra discusses love,relationships and why youngsters today are more responsible.

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Published: November 1, 2013 1:06:59 am

Do you think the idea of love marriage has become more acceptable today?

I cannot comment on that,but the point is that most youngsters today are responsible enough to choose a partner and get married. There are parents who are okay with love marriages,but at the same time there are cases where there is a mismatch between what

our parents want and what the youngsters want.

Why do you think this happens?,/b>

It is mostly because youngsters today are confused. They think it’s love,but cannot make out if they really love the person or if it is infatuation. I think that is one reason why parents have become sceptical about their children’s decisions.

Why are youngsters stereotyped as confused and people who don’t know much about relationships?

I don’t know why youngsters are the only ones being targeted. I have seen some elders say things like,Hamare zamane mein aisa nahi hota tha. So,how is it that every other female character in films of the ’70s said,Main tumhare bacche ki maa banne waali hoon. We must understand that dating is not a new concept.

Do you think this internal conflict within the youth is also reflected in films?

These days,youngsters are independent and they want to make their own decisions. Luckily,some parents are increasingly allowing it. The typical drama of family,religion and status is a thing of the past.

In Shuddh Desi Romance,your character Gayatri was in a live-in relationship. What is your take on it?,/b.

I think it’s a lot to do with perception. Just because two individuals who love each other sleep in the same room,it becomes a big deal. But,if I go out and meet him everyday,that’s perfectly alright. I think everything should depend on an individual’s convenience more than anything else.

Do you think that society has a hypocritical approach towards love and relationship?

No matter how much some people deny,there is a little bit of hypocrisy almost everywhere. If I go out at 11 pm for dinner or a coffee date with my partner,it becomes a big deal and people say the girl has gone out of hand. But if I go out for lunch,it’s totally acceptable. Aapko kya pata lunch ke beech mein kya ho raha hain?

Do you feel the generation gap between parents and their kids should be bridged?

We should understand that our parents know what they are doing. When they say something,they are right in their own way,considering the generation they come from. When we hit their age,I think we will be way more cooler (laughs).

Talking about relationships and dating,an extra-marital affair can be a problem for married couples. What do you make of that?

Extra-marital affairs have more to do with infidelity and dishonesty,which I cannot accept. When you love someone,it’s absolutely unfair to hurt your partner by cheating on him or her.

If you were given an option to choose between opting for an arranged marriage or choosing your own partner,what would it be?

If I see my mom selecting a t-shirt for me,I don’t like it. So,there is no question of allowing her to choose a guy for me. I would definitely look for the right guy for myself,because ultimately,I have to live with him.

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