Pari: Prosthetics that made the film spooky, watch video

Pari: Prosthetics that made the film spooky, watch video

Anushka Sharma's Pari is a spooky thriller that is all set to hit the screens on March 2.

anushka sharma pari release date
Anushka Sharma’s Pari will release on March 2, 2018.

Anushka Sharma’s upcoming film Pari has been intriguing the audience with its various screamers. The trailer of the film was also much appreciated by fans and it certainly looks like that Anushka Sharma will single handedly revive the horror genre that has now gotten plagued with mediocre content.

Anushka Sharma can be seen sporting two looks in the pictures and clips that have been released as of now. While in one, she looks quite like herself, it is the other look that can send shivers down one’s spine. In a recently released video on Instagram, Anushka Sharma discusses her look from the film. The video captioned, “Looks can be deceiving! Watch the horror unmask. #MakingOfKalapori @parambratachattopadhyay @officialcsfilms @kriarj @pooja_ent #HoliWithPari,” also discusses Kalapori’s look in the film.

Mansi Multani who plays Kalapori in the film had to sit through 2-3 hours of make up every day to get the look just right. She said, “It took a good amount of time to change into Kalapori, what with two hours of make-up every time. But the hours of sitting ramrod straight to achieve the look was totally worth the feedback we are getting. I never thought I would say this but I thoroughly enjoyed being the face of fear!”

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Clover Wootton, who has worked on Anushka Sharma’s look in the film, said, “While creating Anushka’s look was challenging, what was even tougher was to create Kalapori. We had already established that we were going to need heavy prosthetics. It was hardest for me to create something like that in a really short time and without any real reference. How does one know for sure that you have decoded the look for this character with rotting flesh- creepy and yet human! Now having seen final cuts of the film, I can take a breath of relief…it’s looking scary even to me!”

Horror films depend a lot on the look of the supernatural creatures as these provide the visual spookiness to the audience. Here, it looks like the team has worked tremendously hard in getting the look spot on. In the past, we have seen that in a lot of films, the audience ends up laughing at the supposed ghost and that simply defeats the purpose but if the prosthetic makeup of Pari is any indication, it seems highly unlikely that the audience will find these looks funny.

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Starring Anushka Sharma and Parambrata Chatterjee, Pari releases on March 2.