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Paresh Rawal recalls doctor telling him to ‘pull the plug’ when mother was in a coma: ‘You’re prolonging her death’

Actor Paresh Rawal recalled losing his mother while he was away in Sri Lanka, working on the film Ready.

Paresh RawalParesh Rawal appeared on Neelesh Misra's The Slow Interview. (Express photo)

Actor Paresh Rawal recalled losing his mother, and how it reshaped his thinking about life and death. The actor said that he felt helpless when his mother fell into a coma, and that he has put limits on the amount of money that he will allow to be spent on himself if he battles for life.

In an appearance on Neelesh Misra’s The Slow Interview series, the actor said in Hindi, “I have earned what I had to. I was working hard for my family. What gives me the right to take what is theirs? And sometimes you definitely know, your days are numbered. Some people can’t do anything about their condition; they’re in a vegetative state.”

Recalling his mother’s accident, he continued, “When my mother fell down, she was in a coma for 12 days. The doctor who treated her was a good friend. I asked him what we should do. He told me, ‘Paresh, she’s on life support. Even if she wakes up, she will not recognise anybody. She’s old, she might not survive the surgery. Her brain has been injured. By waiting, you’re not extending her life, you’re prolonging her death. Pull the plug. This is practical, these are the facts.'”

He added, “But she loved us so much, she didn’t put us in the position where we’d have to pull the plug. She got a heart attack and died.” He said that he was spared the torturous guilt of having to spend the rest of his life wondering if he could have saved her had he waited another day, or two.

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The actor said that he was in Sri Lanka at the time, shooting for a film. And before leaving, when he was filling out a form making arrangements for his mother’s potential death in his absence, he started crying midway through. “What right do I have to make this decision for someone who has given me life?” he asked.

In an interview with The Times of India in 2011, he said that he was shooting for the film Ready at the time, and thanked Salman Khan for arranging for his travel back to Mumbai.

First published on: 01-12-2022 at 11:50 IST
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