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On Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday, we bring you Bachchan before he became Big B

Before he became Amitabh Bachchan, he was a struggler like any other. We bring you Big B before he became Brand Bachchan.

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Writers must have exhausted every single adjective in the English language in the process of writing about Amitabh Bachchan. The word ‘Bachchan’ is itself a part of our daily lexicon, oft repeated in a day. To endeavour to make ‘Bachchan’ sound ‘new’ seems as unbelievable as NASA’s next space mission to find life on another planet. So, let’s not pretend in putting a prelude to an article about the actor.

We won’t even try that. For we know that any arrangement of words to describe the actor (however clever that may be) will end up reducing that sentence into a cliche. If it were any other day, we would have no hesitation in using those cliches. But, not today. After all, the actor is celebrating his birthday today.

For every one of us, Bachchan stands for something different. For some, he is one of the most good looking actors around. That’s just a casual observation. He is tall, dark (mysterious) and handsome. A cliche again – but then it’s one of those useful ones that sounds good.

He comes across as a gentleman. Well-behaved, soft spoken and introvert. His interviews make him sound like a humble man, much indebted to his fans.

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But just good looks and manners don’t make you famous. And any discussion of actor’s sheer talent and the ability to bring a rare charisma onscreen would be to waste away what we have been trying to avoid from the start in this article.

In this piece, however, we take a look at the actor in Amitabh Bachchan before he became famous. His not-so-memorable-films that didn’t work outbut give us an opportunity to look at a man who was just ‘different’ and knew his job. The rest is the history of course. His ability to shine in these forgettable films might just give us some new insight into the name Bachchan. Here’s a look at some of his work:

Suadagar 1973: Bachchan played a gur (jaggery) trader in this film that not many could remember. The actor played this role with a lot of subtlety. His portrayal of a common man filled with greed is delightful to watch.

Watch a scene from Suadagar here



Do Anjaane ( 1976): Amitabh played the role of a man whose wife abandoned him for career priorities. His enactment of a doting father to get his son back is admirable.

Watch the actor in Do Anjaane here



Reshma Aur Shera (1971): The actor played the role of a speech-impaired person in this movie co-starring Sunil Dutt.

Watch Bachchan playing a mute person here


Majboor (1974): Bachchan plays Ravi Khanna suffering from a brain tumour and has only six months to live. He takes the responsibility of a murder and ends up getting involved in a police case.

Watch a song from Majboor here


Sanjog (1971):The actor plays a married man who works in a local municipality. Soon, there are rumours about him and his new boss, Asha (played by Mala Sinha). At first, his wife pays no heed but then she finds a picture of them together.

Watch a scene from Sanjog here



Amitabh Bachchan has turned 74 today.

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