Street Dancer 3D actor Nora Fatehi: Varun Dhawan respects talent

Street Dancer 3D actor Nora Fatehi: Varun Dhawan respects talent

Actor Nora Fatehi says if 2018 was her introduction, 2019 is going to tell people that she is here to stay. Nora has Batla House, Street Dancer 3D and Bharat in her kitty.

Nora Fatehi on Varun Dhawan and Salman Khan film
Nora Fatehi talks about Street Dancer 3D and Salman Khan’s Bharat.

After setting the screens on fire with her dance moves in 2018, Nora Fatehi is all set to showcase her acting skills this year. The actor will be seen challenging Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor in the upcoming Remo D’souza dance film Street Dancer 3D.

In an exclusive conversation with, Nora spoke about Street Dancer 3D, Salman Khan’s Bharat and John Abraham’s Batla House.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

Q. People or let’s say Bollywood woke up to your dance talent in 2018. Do you think 2019 will be more about finding yourself as an actor?

As an actor, I will be surprising people this year because I have Batla House in which I will be seen opposite John Abraham. It is a role no one would have imagined me doing. It is a different space. There is something in the film that will create a lot of buzz this year. So, fingers crossed for that. I am hoping it will be great.


Also, I have Street Dancer 3D, which will see me perform as an actor and a dancer. I am working with Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor in the film. So, this is big. I think it is time people see me for more than five minutes on-screen. (giggles)

Q. You also made your debut in the Malayalam film industry. How was the experience?

It was amazing. It was very difficult to actually do that project because it was the first time I encountered the language. It is a difficult language especially if you are not familiar. I have learnt Hindi and a lot of other languages but suddenly I was thrown into the world where I had to learn Malayalam but it was beautiful. The people I worked with – Nivin Pauly and Vishnu sir, the choreographer, they took the project to another level. When I uploaded the video of the song, everybody gave me an amazing response. People loved the performance.

It is a special song because it was shot in a cabaret style. I admire and idolise Helen ma’am a lot. She has done a lot of such numbers in Hindi films. We had a similar feel for the song. The film has done well at the box office. So, it makes the project even more special. It is a big deal.

Q. You have associated yourself with big films. From Baahubali to Bharat and Street Dancer 3D now. How do you feel?

I am so excited about the projects that I cannot explain in words. I am thankful. If 2018 was my introduction, 2019 is going to be me telling people that I am here to stay.

Q. Have you started shooting for Street Dancer 3D?

We have not shot anything yet, but we are training and rehearsing a lot together. Varun Dhawan is fab and an amazing human being with great energy. He is so much fun to be with. We are like a bunch of kids enjoying life and talent. He respects talent and understands the art of dance. So, it is good to be around someone who loves his work.

Q. You are also a part of Bharat. Tell us something about the film.

I am still shooting for it. It is a small but important role. I am having a blast shooting for the film. To be working with Sunil Grover and Salman Khan is an experience I am taking and learning from it. With every project, I am learning how things are done, how all my seniors are working, how they get by through every project. I am trying to pick up those traits to become a good actor and performer.

Q. Dance has no language. How does it feel to break the barrier?

It feels amazing. My song Dilbar’s Arabic version is a huge hit in the middle east, which I had not expected. I think I am still sinking it all in. I am still not believing that it has actually happened. I did not even have a party or any sort of celebration for what a great year 2018 has been for me. Maybe that is because I feel there is a long way to go and a lot to prove.


Nora Fatehi attended Yasmin Karachiwala’s Body Image launch in New Delhi.