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‘I take risks and keep things fresh’

Actor Nimrat Kaur on Hollywood, her foray into a negative role and the increase in cross-cultural media.

‘I take risks and keep things fresh’
Kaur has been a model, an actor in theatre, film and television as well as done an online series.

(Written by Sahana Iyer)

Whether it is a simple housewife, a successful architect or even the first female combat officer of the Indian Army, Nimrat Kaur has fit into the shoes of versatile characters. “I try to avoid repetition but it’s difficult.

When people like you for something, they want to see you in similar roles. I try to find stories that I would like to watch. I signed Test Case, a web series that has been directed by Vinay Waikul and Nagesh Kukunoor for ALTBalaji, about two years back when video series had not taken off, so that was a bit of a risk at the time. I like to task risks and keep things fresh,” says Kaur.

Kaur has been a model, an actor in theatre, film and television as well as done an online series. “Every medium comes with its pros and cons. There is nothing like watching yourself on the big screen. That experience is something else. But the immortality of a series and the long form of storytelling, where you get to tell a story for hours, is very exciting in a web or television series format. It scores over a film in that sense,” says Kaur.

‘I take risks and keep things fresh’
A still from Test Case.

Kaur, who was in Pune at the Sanskriti School, run by her former teacher, shares her experience of working in Homeland. She played Tasneem Qureshi, an ISI agent on the thriller TV-series. “The culture is very different. They are definitely more organised and punctual than us but I do feel that our working environment is a little bit warmer. We tend to look out for each other because that’s our nature. I do love working there as much as I love working here. It’s a very interesting and enriching environment,” says the actor.

Fans did not expect Kaur to play a malicious character in Homeland. “It’s super rewarding to play something unpredictable. It is so much fun to play a character that can actually do something onscreen that you can’t do in real life. I loved playing that part in Homeland. It’s been one of my favourite journeys as an actor. I honestly would sign up for something like that over a character closer to my reality,” she says.

In the past few years, the film industry has seen an upward trend in the number of actors entering Hollywood. “Our movies and content need to look like the cities to which we travel. You see people of varied nationalities walking on the roads in London and New York. You can’t have a different reality on screen than where we are living. The world is increasingly becoming a smaller place thanks to social media and the internet. So, everybody wants to see different kinds of faces. I really we are at the beginning of a really interesting era, which is going to see much more of this marriage happening between the East and the West. I would love to see people from the West coming and working here, considering we have the biggest film industry in the world,” says Kaur, adding that she has an international project lined up for the coming year and an official announcement might be made in a few weeks.