Neha Dhupia: Would love to have Shah Rukh Khan on season two of No Filter Neha

Neha Dhupia: Would love to have Shah Rukh Khan on season two of No Filter Neha

Neha Dhupia talks about her popular podcast, No Filter Neha and the possibility of coming up with its season two.

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Neha Dhupia has expressed desire to have superstar Shah Rukh Khan on the second season of No Filter Neha.

No Filter Neha — Neha Dhupia’s maiden podcast with Bollywood stars, was a hit and as she gears up for its second season, the actor-producer reveals she wants to host superstar Shah Rukh Khan for she believes he has a way with words. “Someone who has gift of the gab is Shah Rukh. So, it will be great to have him on the show. I would also like Aamir Khan to be on the second season. I haven’t approached anyone, though,” the actor said in an interview.

While no one knows the guest list for her upcoming season, Neha shared that one celebrity might make a return to the show. “I met Kangana (Ranaut) on the set of Chhote Miyan (currently being judged by Neha). I told her there may be a season two, and asked her if she would come again. She said, ‘Yes of course. I would love to,’ even though before the first part, she had told me that she was scared about what all I would ask her,” revealed Neha.


Also featuring celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar in their most revealing, uninhibited interviews, No Filter made headlines for every episode. Neha said that there’s a lot of buzz about the second installment in the industry and she has been getting requests from actors to invite them on the show. “We are planning for the second season but I am not going to commit anything till it actually comes out. I don’t know when I am going to do it but it will happen very soon. But what’s amazing is that I don’t have the season in place but there has been such a great response. The same actors, whose armies earlier said they didn’t want to come on the show, are now coming up to me and saying, ‘Please, we want to be a part of it.’ So, that feels good,” she said.


No Filter received praise for introducing fans to the hidden, quirky side of their favourite stars, and while everyone wondered how Neha managed to get them talking, the actor believes it was her thorough research about the guests that made them open up to her. “People are guarded, but I think in audio there is a sense of comfort. Also, I researched a lot about these people. The joy of being a part of a well-researched interview is quite something. Even when I am giving interviews and people tell me, ‘We read so and so things on your Wikipedia page,’ that means the person has not followed me or taken interest in me. The research for a one-hour interview takes weeks, not a few minutes of Wikipedia read. So, when you invite a person for such a show and tell them things you know about them, they can’t deny,” Neha explained.

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The actor was certain that her interactions wouldn’t be superficial in nature and this was because she, herself, had been at the receiving end of some shallow, meaningless interviews. “I have given the lamest and the worst interviews. But I also don’t blame those journalists, who do the Wikipedia-type interviews, because I am not that important. Recently a journalist asked me, ‘So, what are you doing in your life?’ I am doing two TV shows, I am the mentor of Miss India for six months, I might be coming up with No Filter again and I just had a film released in November and then to get asked this is shocking. Just because the person hasn’t given a blockbuster, 400-crore film doesn’t mean he or she is not doing anything,” the actor said pointedly.