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Most-watched Hindi streaming films of 2022 so far: Deepika Padukone’s Gehraiyaan, Yami Gautam’s A Thursday, Rishi Kapoor’s Sharmaji Namkeen

Ormax Media has revealed the list of the top Hindi streaming films of 2022 so far, based on 'content strength', 'marketing buzz' and 'viewership'. Check it out to know if your favourites made the cut.

A Thursday, Gehraiyaan and Sharmaji Namkeen feature on Ormax Media's list of top films of 2022 so far.

Research firm Ormax Media has put out its list of the top-performing films and shows of 2022 so far, collating date on the basis of ‘content strength’, ‘marketing buzz’ and ‘viewership’. Ormax gathers data on the basis of weekly anecdotal evidence, and not on figures shared by streaming platforms. The lists highlight only Hindi language ‘original’ content, and not acquired titles, or titles from regional markets. Ormax also limits is sample audience to India, meaning that overseas viewership of Indian titles will not impact the rankings. The figures, it should be pointed out, are all estimates.

Ormax counts one view when a person completes at least 30 minutes of a film, and at least one episode of a television show. Multiple viewers using the same account are counted separately. This story is going to be limited to films.

The most viewed Hindi films of 2022 are as follows:

A Thursday (Disney+ Hotstar) – 25.5 million
Gehraiyaan (Prime Video) – 22.3 million
Kaun Pravin Tambe? (Disney+ Hotstar) – 20.2 million
Jalsa (Prime Video) – 13.9 million
Sharmaji Namkeen (Prime Video) – 12.7 million
Dasvi (Netflix) – 10.4 million
Forensic (ZEE5) – 8.6 million
Thar (Netflix) – 7.8 million
Love Hostel (ZEE5) – 7.5 million
Looop Lapeta (Netflix) – 5.7 million

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The data reflects the popularity of Disney+ Hotstar in India.

This gap is further highlighted in the list of films with the top marketing buzz, which is as follows:

Gehraiyaan (Prime Video)
A Thursday (Disney+ Hotstar)
Dasvi (Netflix)
Jalsa (Prime Video)
Sharmaji Namkeen (Prime Video)


And Ormax’s list of top films based on ‘content strength’ is as follows. The firm assigns a ‘power rating’ out of 100, which represents how much a show or film is liked by viewers.

A Thursday – 66
Kaun Pravin Tambe? – 66
Forensic – 64
Thar – 64
Dasvi – 59

A Thursday, starring Yami Gautam, appears to be among the most popular Hindi films of the year so far, and this is despite mediocre reviews. Similarly, neither Dasvi, Forensic, Looop Lapeta fared much better. The reception for Jalsa, Thar and Gehraiyaan was decidedly mixed, while perhaps the best reviewed title of those mentioned here is probably Sharmaji Namkeen. An encouraging sign is that several of the top films listed here feature female protagonists.

First published on: 20-07-2022 at 13:01 IST
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