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Mira Rajput: Shahid Kapoor is a hands-on dad, he changes Misha’s diapers, plays and dances with her

I may be taking care of Misha or I maybe putting my time into doing something else, life doesn't stop just because I had a baby, says Mira Rajput, wife of Bollywood star, Shahid Kapoor who became a mother and thereby joined the unofficial Bollywood parent club last year.

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Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira Rajput talks about her experience as a parent.

Yes girls, Shahid Kapoor is not just the perfect boyfriend, or husband anymore, he is a great dad too and our heart is melting looking at all the fun pictures the star shares of daughter Misha and wife Mira Rajput on his social media. Yesterday, Mira and Karan Johar launched Pooja Makhija’s book ‘Eat Delete Junior’ which talks about child’s nutrition and gives tips on how to get a child to eat well. Mira and Karan, both new parents, made sure they get all the necessary tips for their children.
However, after the launch, we caught up with the beautiful mother of Misha and wife of Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput. She has maintained that she is not an actor and she doesn’t need to be one, and hence has the liberty to speak her mind, and when you meet her, you’ll know that this woman is a natural, and confidence oozes out of her when she talks about the decisions she has made in her life, and her plans for the future. Here’s an excerpt from the interview.


How does it feel getting so much attention from Shahid’s fans and followers?

It is extremely humbling and at the same time it is very very flattering to get love from so many people whom I have never met me. The credit goes to Shahid, because he has worked so hard and people love him for that. He is always interacting with his fans to make sure that they are happy. I feel this love has just extended to me and I feel really really happy about it.


Not many people know Mira Rajput, the person.

I am a very easygoing person. I think a lot of people who see me get surprised how I handle all of this so calmly, but it truly is in my nature to be very relaxed. I am a very easygoing mom too, and at times I question myself and ask people if I am too lenient. I have two elder sisters, so I have seen a lot of things I have learnt while watching them. My parents also have a great role to play in making the person I am today, they’ve always taught me to be content with who I am, and instilled these values in me. That keeps me grounded, and has helped me in this


You’ve faced flak for your opinions in the past, how do you tackle the kind of attention you get from the media?

It is difficult, I’d be lying if I said it is not difficult. This is because whether you are in the limelight or not, nobody likes hearing anything negative about themselves. Having said that I have always been someone who has spoken her mind, I have never tried to sugar-coat things, neither have I shied away from expressing my opinions whenever I have one. When that opinion starts becoming a judgement, that’s when one needs to look within and ask if it is the right thing to do or not. For me, I am at the receiving end a lot of times. Earlier I was the one who would fleetingly say things about people, but now that I am at the receiving end, I realise that one needs to be very careful because you never know what the other person is going through. A lot of opinions become a voice, and that voice is something that can trouble you, affect you, and you just need to have the right attitude about it.

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You are the face of a young mother who has chosen to be a homemaker and take care of the child and while doing it come out looking great, how do you manage that?

I am extremely proud to be a mother, and even more proud to be a young mother. I think I took the best decision by having Misha early. I have all the time to give Misha and that doesn’t mean I am sitting at home and only taking care of her. I think mothers inherently know how to juggle and multitask. I may be taking care of Misha or I maybe putting my time into doing something else, life doesn’t stop just because I had a baby. Contrary to the popular belief that one is only continuously taking care of the child, I think it is very important for a mother to give herself time. It could mean you spend time with your partner or you decide to go out on your own, it is extremely important for a mother to take time off and it is not a crime. One needs to balance it correctly. When Misha was younger, much younger than she is now, I started getting back to my routine, and started hitting the gym. I just made sure I went to gym when Misha was sleeping. So new moms need to learn to balance. Shahid and I decided to put her to bed early so when Shahid is back home at night, we can sneak out for fun, watch movies, catch up with family, and date. I love date nights.

How is Shahid has a father? Does he change Misha’s diapers?

Shahid as a dad is very hands-on, he wants to do as much as he can, at times I ask him to take it easy and relax. He is always so excited to spend time with Misha. He is a little paranoid when it comes to keeping things clean around Misha, and she is just like her dad, she loves looking at herself in the mirror.
Shahid has changed Misha’s diapers, has taken her for a walk, dances with her, he gives her a bath, there is nothing that he hasn’t done with her. It is really great to see that relationship.


How do you tackle the paparazzi?

Initially it was something new, and I was not accustomed to so many people around, and so many people clicking pictures of me everywhere I go. Now it is like an everyday thing, you know how it is like to get used to a new thing, it just takes time. It has taken me time too, and it would not be right of me to refuse things like this because I think Shahid has worked really hard to have this kind of a fan following, and to have this kind of love and adoration come his way. He’s received his due and I don’t think just because I have come into the picture, the love that he receives should become any less. His fans want to know about his life, he has his own relationship with them and I don’t want to come in their way, his relationship with his fans has lasted 14 years, and I just love the fact that some of that love is extended to me and Misha. It is very heart-warming to see the kind of love his fans have for him and us. I am really proud of Shahid!