Meiyang Chang wants to play a baddy on-screen

Meiyang Chang wants to play a baddy on-screen

Meiyang Chang will play a gay character on Voot's web series Untag.

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Meiyang Chang wants to change perception of him as an actor, among the audience.

Actor-singer Meiyang Chang says he would love to take up a negative role as he feels the need to change people’s perception that he can’t play a bad person onscreen.

“I would love to play a bad character. It’s exciting to be like that. It gives you so much to play around with, and also because I need to change that perception in people’s mind and also in my own mind that I can’t play a bad person because I don’t look like a bad guy,” Meiyang said.

The former Indian Idol contestant made his Bollywood acting debut with Yash Raj Films’ “Badmaash Company” in 2010. He says that with time, he would probably like do experiment with more roles.

“A lot of films are happening in the indie circuit and I would love to be part of them. I really love watching these films like ‘Masaan’,” he said.

But his looks might be an obstacle.


“A lot of indie films are rooted in rural areas so casting wise, it becomes a problem. For example, I remember telling Mukesh Chhabra (casting director) that I want to be part of ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ as the shooting was happening in Dhanbad. I said ‘Even I am from Dhanbad’. But he said ‘You don’t look like you are from Dhanbad. So, we can’t cast you’.”

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“I hope that someday I get to play a part in these as well,” he added.

While that is yet to happen, he is currently seen playing a gay character on Voot’s web series Untag.

Did he have apprehensions?

“I didn’t have any apprehenion playing the character,” he said.

Though he was little worried about intimate scenes, he said he didn’t face any problem as the focus is more on emotions of the characters in the series.

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While his family was “cool” with him playing the role, there were some who criticised him.

“Some people don’t understand the concept. Some have asked me ‘Why are you playing a gay character?’ I found that to be a very stupid question. It’s not a crime to play a gay character,” said Meiyang.