Madras Cafe preview for pro-Tamil outfit

Madras Cafe preview for pro-Tamil outfit

A pro-Tamil outfit is claiming that <i>Madras Cafe</i> depicts LTTE in bad light.

A pro-Tamil outfit opposing Bollywood actor-producer John Abraham’s film Madras Cafe on the ground that it depicted LTTE in bad light today claimed a special preview of the movie would be held for them before the political thriller’s world premier on August 23.

Naam Thamizhar Katchi,headed by Tamil film director Seeman,said the preview would be held in a couple of days and any objectionable scenes would be cut.

“We were told through a theatre owner by the producers that the movie would be screened for us. If there were any scenes,which were not suitable,they would cut them. We would see the movie either tomorrow or day after tomorrow,” Seeman told PTI.

When contacted theatre owner ‘Abirami’ Ramanathan,he

confirmed that a preview would be held and said the time for

the show was yet to be decided.


Abraham had earlier publicly offered to arrange for a preview of the film to the pro-Tamil outfit activists as demanded by them. The activists had in July given a complaint to the city police seeking to ban the film on the ground that it portrayed the LTTE in bad light.

The movie is set in the late 80s and early 90s in India and Sri Lanka and shows military operations against a rebel group in the island,in which Abraham acts as an intelligence agent.

During his recent visit to Chennai for the release of trailer,Abraham had maintained that the film had not taken sides.

“We have not called anyone ‘terrorists’ in the film. We haven’t taken sides… This film doesn’t take any sides. We probably will show them those opposing the film,” Abraham had said.